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Facebook’s New Iowa Data Center To Be “Among the Most Advanced of Its Kind”

Facebook has officially announced a brand new data center in Altoona, Iowa, which they say will be among the “most advanced and energy efficient facilities of its kind” when it’s completed. The data center will be built with the same Open Compute Project server designs and outdoor-air cooling system of Facebook’s other data centers, but the company says that improvements …

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Cute One-Eyed Dog Guards Google’s Oklahoma Data Center

Urs Holzle, Google’s senior vice president of technical infrastructure, this week pointed his followers on Google+ toward a local Oklahoma television news station and a report on an interesting Googler working at Google’s Pryor, Oklahoma data center. From the Google+ post: Did you know Google had a one-eyed security dog at the Oklahoma data center? I didn’t, until I saw …

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Google Conserves Water And Cools Servers At The Same Time

Greenpeace really likes Google and their commitment to using more efficient ways to power their data centers across the country. I’m sure the conservation group would also be delighted by Google’s recycled water cooling system. Jim Brown, Google’s Data Center Facilities Manager, posted today on the company’s blog about how they use water from the Chattanoochee River in Georgia to …

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