Cute One-Eyed Dog Guards Google's Oklahoma Data Center

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Urs Holzle, Google's senior vice president of technical infrastructure, this week pointed his followers on Google+ toward a local Oklahoma television news station and a report on an interesting Googler working at Google's Pryor, Oklahoma data center. From the Google+ post:

Did you know Google had a one-eyed security dog at the Oklahoma data center? I didn't, until I saw this clip.

The clip Holzle refers to is a heartwarming animal-intrest piece filmed by Fox 23 in Oklahoma. Miss G, a one-eyed guard dog at the Google facility is a stray taken in by the employees there. The security staff at the data center are completely enamored of the dog, who's name was shortened from Miss Google. Take a look at the report below and see the generosity of the Googlers in Oklahoma:

Last month Google created "The Story of Send" to show off the lengths the company has gone to make its data centers run green, so it's not surprising that Googlers would take in a stray dog. I, for one, agree with Chris Lichowicz's comment under Holzle's post: that dog needs an eye patch. Eye patches are cool.

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