Razor Blade Croissant, A Not-So Delicious Discovery

Razor Blade Croissant, A Not-So Delicious Discovery

By Toni Matthews-El December 11, 2013

Imagine you’re enjoying a tasty Dunkin Donuts croissant when suddenly you notice it tastes funny. That “funny taste” is a combination of pain and blood. The croissant you just bit into? It turns out to be filled jagged bits of …

Google Street View Gains Six New Cities

Street View is one of Google’s most popular programs, and it just got a lot more inclusive.  Users can now take a virtual stroll through Chicago, Pittsburgh, Portland, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Tucson, which brings the total number of Street View cities up to 15.

Three Steps To Fix Google Customer Service

When it comes to taking care of customers, there are no mysteries; only the desire to invest in and support an effective customer service presence stands between companies like Google, and the joy they can deliver to people.

Google FTC Complaints “Chronicled”

A growing number of disgruntled Google users have filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission concerning a range of issues.

GoDaddy Gets RegisterFly Domains

GoDaddy will inherit some 850,000 of the domains originally registered by RegisterFly according to this week’s ICANN agreement. RegisterFly has been struggling for some time. Last month, a federal judge issued an injunction enabling ICANN to terminate RegisterFly’s accreditation. This came after many different problems and customer complaints, not the least of which were fraud accusations.

Google Apps Not Ready For Prime Time

Judging by one domain administrator’s experience with Google Apps and email, Google’s claims that it is not competing with Microsoft for the productivity space has a ring of truth.

Google’s Greed Over a Rollback

Google recently announced they were updating the Adwords Quality Score, however it appears that there is a bug that raises the prices form any advertisers:

Google AdWords Quality Score Has Major Bug

Google AdWords Adds Quality Score Column & To Improved Quality Algorithm from Wednesday warned us of the new changes coming but apparently there is a bug that makes good performing ads prices spike through the roof.

Google Expects Complaints

UPDATE: It looks like Google’s pushed the button too early – and it could be the wrong button too. Lots of people are complaining that their Quality Score has gone crazy.


I just got off the phone with Google’s Nick Fox, Senior Business Product Manager for Ad Quality, and got the scoop on the upcoming changes to the AdWords Quality Score.

Firefox Television Ads Go Live

It looks like Firefox plans to capitalize in its recent surge in popularity by airing fan-based television commercials, according to Read/WriteWeb.

Google Earth May Embrace Mac OS X

No longer must the Cult of Mac look on wistfully while Windows users enjoy playing with Google Earth, as the search advertising company works on developing an Earth for Apple computer users.

Security Complaints Orbit Google Earth

India has followed South Korea in voicing national security concerns about the high-quality images on Google Earth.

Apple Screens Out Nano Complaints

Cracked screens and easily scratched screens appear to be two different issues, and that’s how Apple will handle them.

Yahoo, The DMCA, And Blackhat Techniques
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Apparently, through the use of a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) complaint, you can have sites thrown out of Yahoo’s search index. If you file a DMCA report against a site, Yahoo will remove the “offending” site from Yahoo Search altogether, leaving no trace of the site in its index.

Prius Sales Could Stall On Complaints

Toyota has begun looking into claims its hot-selling hybrid engine Prius stalls or shuts down at high speeds.

Complaints About Apple Prices In Europe Spur Petition

ZDNet UK reports today that an online petition has been set up to put pressure on Apple to bring European prices for the new Mac mini in line with their US equivalents.

Aircraft Conflict Still Soaring in the News

Yesterday, the U.S. and European Union agreed to talks on eliminating billions of dollars in aircraft subsidies, avoided legal conflict over Boeing and Airbus.

Tips for Avoiding Spam Complaints in your Emails
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Spam filters are responsible for deleting a high percentage of legitimate business emails from people who have no wish to spam. Here are some tips to avoid spam complaints in your emails or ezine.