Razor Blade Croissant, A Not-So Delicious Discovery

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Imagine you're enjoying a tasty Dunkin Donuts croissant when suddenly you notice it tastes funny. That "funny taste" is a combination of pain and blood. The croissant you just bit into? It turns out to be filled jagged bits of metal. That's what Priscilla Salas is claiming happened to her this past week. Salas says she bought a croissant from a Dunkin Donut in Windham, Connecticut. When she took a bite out of the pastry, pieces of metal cut her mouth. Salas was "floored" by the discovery.

She immediately notified police about what happened. Contact with the corporate office led to the theory that that she happened to purchase a croissant into which a box cutter blade had fallen when at a distribution center. The exact center where it occurred is still being determined.

Absent-minded food preparation is as much a reality as absent-minded eating. Except one party is at greater risk for biting into a nasty surprise. Rather than wait for disaster to strike in any form, take a minute to actually look at what you are eating. A valuable lesson Salas learned the hard way and wishes to pass on to others. “I just want the public to know and be aware of what they buy and look over everything they eat.” Even if it's an isolated incident as Dunkin Donuts has stated, it never hurts to check. There's no telling how much damage could have been done to her body had she'd swallowed one of the pieces. But it's very likely she will at least do a double take before eating purchased food from now on.

As for Dunkin Donuts, Salas states the company has offered a sincere apology over what happened and given her a free a gift card for her trouble. Odds are, she'll be opting for coffee.

Image: Dunkin Donuts Facebook

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