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College Students Work On Wikipedia

The typical college professor warns students to steer clear of Wikipedia – even the use of that term is likely to result in red ink and a lowered grade.  But one professor actually created a project that revolved around the site.

Laughing at Facebook’s “Older” Users

Over the weekend I saw the New York Times article about how college users of Facebook were laughing at those of us who are, um, “older.”

AT&T And ESPN Partner For College GameDay

AT&T announced today that it is partnering with ESPN College GameDay host Chris Fowler and analyst Kirk Herbstreit this fall for "Confessions of a College Football Junkie," a series of weekly video clips available on AT&T 3G wireless handsets.

Web Site Lets College Football Fans Decide

FansPoll.com, a Web site that allows fans to vote on things related to college football including what team should be the national champions announced the official launch of its season today.

U.S. Endorses Music Search Project

We all know that Google can help us find MP3 files, but the leading search engine just works off of words and phrases.  Another engine would actually listen to and analyze music, and it just received a small amount of funding from the U.S. National Science Foundation.

MTV And ROO Bring Video To College Papers

MTV Networks and Internet video company ROO have formed a partnership to offer a video player and customizable video channels to over 500 online college newspapers in mtvU’s College Publisher network.

Hitwise: Where Did You Fill Out Your Brackets?

March Madness begins today and already the tournament action is in full swing with enough opening round games to satisfy even the most ravenous of college basketball appetites.

Review: Submit Suite – Article Submitter

Here at Search Engine College we generate and receive a high volume of quality articles each month. So you can imagine we were interested to take up Cristina Mailat’s request to review Fastlink2‘s latest product Submit Suite – Article Submitter.

Below is a list of features the product offers:

Microsoft Academy Marketing or Technical Program?

So as most of you probably already know by now, when I graduate from the University of Kent in June 2007 with my BSc Honours Degree in Information Technology, I want to work for Microsoft, more specifically in either the MSN or Windows Live Division!

New Search Engine Marketing Certification Choices

As demand increases for skilled workers in the search engine optimization and search engine marketing industries, more educational options have become accessible during 2006. The latest option is called “Certification Pathways”, offered by the Search Engine College

Feds Infighting Over College Wiretapping

US Senator Lamar Alexander and his ex-staffer Deborah Taylor Tate now occupy opposing positions on the issue of colleges funding network upgrades that will make them compliant with federal wiretapping needs.

University 2.0 and Boston Colleges John Gallaugher

As a Computer Science undergrad at Boston College, I regretfully admit that I only took one business class. But the one class I took was more than worth it.

College Acceptance Podcasts Through iTunes

File this one under “maybe a little too soon”: a Massachusetts college plans to email students it accepts for admission a link to an acceptance podcast on iTunes.

College Sends Acceptancecasts

Blake Barbera (did you know he’s the Tiger Woods of PR?) discovered that Fitchburg State College is telling students that they have been accepted via a special podcast on iTunes hosted by the college president.

Gmail Managing College Email

San Jose City College will offer 10,000 email accounts to students, the first time the school has ever offered email accounts to students.

My Story – On Learning about Blogs

2005 was an incredible year for me. Six months ago, I was “working for the man” and now, I am trying “to be the man.”

Take Survey on Global Business Uncertainty

A global business perceptions survey is offered for your participation by William Prado, Director of the MBA Program at Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont.

AOLs Sending AIM To College

America Online, better known as AOL started an AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) ad campaign designed to resonate with that most desirable of demographics, college kids. AOL, in its campaign to revitalize, has attempted to create both a top-notch portal environment but also to become one of those habits of life.

College Students Prefer Search, FOAF to MSM

According to a new survey by Yahoo, 81 percent of college students rated search engines as the best source of information …

Yahoo And Google Go To College

The search engine competitors’ efforts to target a university age audience show some dramatic differences in styles.

Google Enriches College Experience

How much easier would college life be if all the Internet-related tools you need were available in one place? Thanks to Google’s newest service, you can now find out.