Social Media At College: The Good & The Bad

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I was in college the first time I heard about Facebook: class hadn't started yet but I was already sitting in my desk, doodling or whatever I did to pass the time. Across from me, a couple of girls were talking about this weird thing; in my head, it sounded like they kept saying the words "face book" but that didn't make any sense to me. They were facetiously talking about "being friends" on there, which didn't make any sense to me because they were obviously already friends or else they wouldn't be talking so effortlessly in class. All I could discern was that you talked to friends on this "face book" and it happened on the Internet.

Skip ahead several years to the present and Facebook, along with other social networking sites, has become as much a part of the college experience as Greek rush weeks and formative dorm room experiences. Everybody knows this. Colleges and universities have integrated social networking into nearly ever aspect of coed life that students practically need to be wired into at least a couple of these sites in order to keep up with class and other campus events.

Justin Marquis, with, put together an infographic that shows, for better and worse, how social media has affected higher education. Take a look and feel free to comment below on how you feel social media has changed college life. For one, I'll say this: the Facebook college experience is no longer limited to tagging incriminating photos of doing keg stands at last Friday's field party.

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