Colorado State Party, Fueled By Facebook, Attracts Thousands

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The public nature (and lack of privacy considerations) of Facebook is sometimes problematic when it comes to parties. The good thing about Facebook is that it's a wonderfully easy way to advertise and spread the word about your events.

The bad thing about Facebook is that it's a ridiculously easy way the advertise and spread the word about your events.

And events that aren't set to private can wind up attracting more attention than the creator ever imagined. Numerous reports have emerged in the past couple of years about public events gaining thousands of confirmed attendees. Many of these event are shut down before they happen but some, like the birthday party of a German girl earlier this year, wind up getting out of hand.

It appears that the power of Facebook was at work again this weekend at a Colorado State University party got a tad out of control.

Police estimate that somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 people attended the annual back-to school party being held at an off-campus apartment complex. Over 3,000 guests were confirmed on the Facebook event page.

Videos have surfaced on YouTube of the party -

Although it looks like the majority of the students had a good time at the giant bash, police say that 10 people were hospitalized and four people were arrested as a result. apparently, some students suffered from alcohol poisoning while others were involved in fights.

“When I got in there it was total chaos,” said one student. “One woman was hit in the face with a bottle and she was gushing blood.”

The police said it was one of the biggest parties they had ever seen.

Although some students got out of hand, I'm sure many students at CSU see the party as a success. In one regard, I guess, Facebook helped them throw one hell of a party while it lasted. But you've gotta admit, 4,000 people is a little much, isn't it?

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