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The Transfer Path to Education Success
When you're looking for the most successful way to go in the college realm, sometimes the transfer path is the best one....
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Helping Students Meet Their Basic Needs
Did you know that a significant portion of college students are not meeting their basic financial needs? Read more below. ...
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Why College Mergers are Increasing
With attendance rates down, many colleges have been forced to close. Others, however, have taken the step of colleges merging. ...
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What’s Driving Colleges Out of Business
There has been an upward trend in which quite a few colleges are going out of business. Learn more about why in the article below....
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Your Choice Isn’t College or Oblivion, Says Mike Rowe
“Your choice isn’t college or oblivion. It’s not higher education or alternative education,” says Mike Rowe of the TV show Dirty Jobs. In 2008...
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Mark Zuckerberg Gives $5M to Immigrant Scholarship Fund
Continuing his push to bring the plight on immigrants to the forefront of public discussion, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made another investment ...
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John Boehner Hate, Hate, Hates on Obama’s Free College Plan with Taylor Swift GIFs
The staff of fiscal conservative John Boehner has taken the time to explain why you should be against President Obama’s recently announced plan ...
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Financial Aid Woes? Could A College Education Abroad Be The Solution?
In the United States, the complexities of trying to qualify for financial aid while preparing to owe thousands in student loans is the norm. So much s...
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Dorm Room Essentials: Often Forgotten “Must Haves”
It’s the time of year when a new generation of teenagers head off to college. As parents prepare to say goodbye to the kids that grew up so fast, th...
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Financial Aid: Simple Tips That Help
If you are going to college, you will want to apply for financial aid. Some high school guidance counselors and teachers will help you apply before yo...
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College Textbooks: Tricks To Help You Save On Them
College is expensive and if you are lucky enough to be able to afford tuition, you still have to come up with enough money to buy all of the necessary...
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Federal Student Loans Are Changing, Here’s How
If you plan to attend college and don’t have enough money saved to foot the bill, you might have to resort to getting a federal student loan. Don’...
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Student Loan Debt: More Parents Not Helping
Student Loan Debt is becoming more and more the responsibility of the student, and less that of the parents. According to a Discover student loan surv...
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Emma Watson Graduates From College
Emma Watson is an official college graduate! Watson has been vigorously studying at Brown University in Rhode Island in hopes of obtaining her Bachelo...
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Debt Consolidation Can Help Those Burdened By Student Loans
Debt consolidation isn’t a term you hear all that often outside of financial circles. After all, why would a young student have to worry about l...
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Tennessee Policeman Fired After Choking Student
A Knoxville, Tennessee police officer was dismissed by the Knox County Sheriff after photos surfaced of the patrolman strangling a University of Tenne...
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VEISHA Celebration Canceled After Riot
VEISHEA, Iowa State University’s annual week-long celebration, was canceled after riots ensued. VEISHEA, which stands from Veterinary Medicine, Engi...
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Rachel Canning: Sued NJ Parents, Gets Tuition Paid
The news that Rachel Canning, the teen who made national news over suing her parents, is now a scholarship student has some huffing indignantly. Canni...
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Northwestern Football Players Can Unionize
A precedent was set by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in Chicago on Wednesday. The NLRB decided that football players from Northwestern Uni...
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Spotify Goes Half-Price for College Kids
College kids love music, but most of them are poor as dirt. Spotify knows this, and in an attempt to encourage more young adults to opt for the premiu...
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