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Are Internet Explorer Users Dumb? Are Internet Explorer Users Dumb?
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We are all well aware that IE has been the butt of many jokes over the years, justly or unjustly depending on who you ask. A new report from consulting firm AptiQuant may have just provided ammunition for a whole …

OK Go, Google Team Up For New HTML5-Powered Music Video OK Go, Google Team Up For New HTML5-Powered Music Video

OK Go, the band responsible for some of the most viral music videos in recent memory, has teamed up with Google and a dance troupe called Pilobolus for an HTML5 Chrome experiment called All Is Not Lost. From the Google

Google Launches In-App Payments Google Launches In-App Payments

At Google I/O, Google announced In-App payments for for web app developers (among other things). Now, Google has made them available. “Integration is simple with just a few lines of code. And pricing is set at just 5-percent,” says Product …

Larry Page: Google+ Has Over 10 Million Users (And Other Stats) Larry Page: Google+ Has Over 10 Million Users (And Other Stats)
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Google CEO Larry Page spoke today on the company’s earnings call, following the fresh report for the second quarter, in which Google posted recored quarterly revenues of over $9 billion. On the call, he dropped a few stats: Over 10 …

Chrome Now 20% of Global Market Chrome Now 20% of Global Market
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According to StatCounter, an online analytics company, Google has a lot to smile about. Their Chrome browser is seeing massive growth in the global market. For the first time in StatCounter statistics, Chrome has exceeded 20% of the market share, …

Google on How Instant Pages Affect Analytics Google on How Instant Pages Affect Analytics
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Yesterday, Google introduced Instant Pages (among several other things), which is a new upcoming feature of Chrome that will instantly load a search result, when Google is confident that it is the one the user is going to click on. …

Google Chromebooks Now on Sale for Consumers Google Chromebooks Now on Sale for Consumers
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Google’s first Chrome OS-powered Chromebooks from consumers finally became available today after months of testing through a pilot program with the Cr-48 model Google introduced when it first unveiled the operating system. Available models come from Samsung and Acer, and …

Google Announces Instant Pages, Loads Results Before You Click Google Announces Instant Pages, Loads Results Before You Click
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Google made several big search announcements today, including Voice Search for the desktop and Search by Image for the desktop (like Google Goggles on mobile). They also announced a couple new “instant’ features. For one, at its Inside Search event, …

Chrome Browser Gets New Stable Release Chrome Browser Gets New Stable Release
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Google released a new stable release of its Chrome web browser today, which brings improvements in security, privacy, and graphics. With regards to security, Chrome’s Safe Browsing technology has received some enhancements. It now warns users before they download some …

Google Chromebooks Get Release Date – June 15 (Acer and Samsung Models) Google Chromebooks Get Release Date – June 15 (Acer and Samsung Models)
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Yesterday was Android day at Google I/O, and today is Chrome day. The company announced today that Chrome is up from 70 million users at last year’s Google I/O to 160 million active users now. Google announced new Google “Chromebooks” …

Chrome Gets Speech Input Chrome Gets Speech Input

About a month ago, Google introduced some new features to the Chrome beta channel. Among these were speech input through HTML. Now that’s part of the stable release. “Fresh from the work that we’ve been doing with the HTML Speech …

Internet Explorer 9 Aces Power Consumption Test
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When picking a Web browser, “green” individuals and laptop users with limited access to electrical outlets should perhaps give Internet Explorer 9 a try.  New data shows that it can beat the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera …

Chrome Beta Gets Voice Input, GPU-Accelerated 3D CSS Chrome Beta Gets Voice Input, GPU-Accelerated 3D CSS
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Google announced some updates to the Chrome beta channel, and the arrival of Chrome 11.0.696.16 beta for Windows, Mac, and Linux. New to Chrome 11 are: an HTML5 speech input API, GPU-accelerated 3D CSS, and of course the new Chrome …

Google Launches Page Speed For Chrome

Google said today it has released a Page Speed add-on for its Chrome browser. Chrome users can now receive Page Speed performance tips to make their sites faster from within the Chrome browser. Google says its Page Speed for Chrome …

Android App Launches For Monster.com
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The Android app joins Monster’s existing apps for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The Monster Android app can be downloaded for free on the company’s website and in the Android Market. The app offers access to jobs, allows user …

Google Makes Chrome Faster And Safer
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Google has released updates to its Chrome browser it says will make complex web apps run more quickly and be more responsive. Chrome has a new settings interface aimed at helping users get to the right settings quickly. A new …

Google Updates Chrome OS, Fixes Cr-48 Trackpad Issue
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Early reviews of Google’s Cr-48 notebooks were, as you may remember, not encouraging.  They seemed to indicate that the machines made better coasters than computing devices for anyone who already owned a laptop.  Google’s now addressed some problems with a …

Google Launches API for Chrome Omnibox
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Google announced the launch of a new omnibox API for Chrome. This means developers will be able to do new cool things with the omnibox (the address bar in Chrome, which also serves as a search box). 

Graphic.ly Introduces Android App

Online comic service Graphic.ly has launched an app for Android that offers users access to more than 150 publishers and over 2,000 titles.

 Publishers include Marvel Comics, Archaia Entertainment, Archie Comics, BOOM! Studios and IDW Publishing.

“Like our community, we are firm believers in the explosion of the Android market,” said Micah Baldwin, CEO of Graphic.ly.


Eric Schmidt’s Mobile World Congress Speech: Full Video

Google has made video available of CEO Eric Schmidt’s speech at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week. 

At the event, he discussed the company’s current operating system focuses: Android Gingerbread and Honeycomb, and Chrome OS. "We’ve got an OS for phones called ‘Gingerbread’ and one for tablets called ‘Honeycomb’. G and H. You can imagine that the next will begin with I and will be named after a dessert, and it will unite them," he said. 

Chrome Address Bar Could Be Eliminated in Future Release
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Would you use a web browser that didn’t have an address bar? A report from ConceivablyTech.com points out that Google is working on new user interface layouts for Chrome, and one of these would eliminate the address bar. 

The publication’s Wolfgang Gruener quotes Google’s Jeff Chang as telling developers, "There are a number of UI / frontend efforts under way." Gruener reports: