Google Chrome Gets Better Graphics

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In previous stories, we've reported on Chrome's ability to render 3D objects using WebGL. The demos shown previously, like the water in a bathtub, show the browser rendering impressive 3D objects with collision and all the other perks of proper 3D object rendering. Chrome is going to get better at that starting today.

Google announced that the latest release of Chrome Google+Chrome+Blog%29">enables faster drawing performance and graphics. If you want to take advantage of this, you will need the proper hardware. It's not super taxing, but your PC from 2007 or PowerPC Mac isn't going to have a super fun time with it. They haven't left out older computers though as they will at least see fancier graphics on their browsers.

I said earlier today that WebGL and HTML5 are going to be powering less graphic intensive games, while the new Flash Player 11.2 takes care of the heavy lifting. I still hold on to that conviction, but Google has been making waves lately in their implementation of WebGL. Check out this screen of a 3D face model in Chrome:

Google Chrome Gets Better Graphics

Here's a few more examples of WebGL rendering 3D objects in real time. Pay particular attention to the water. H20 is one of the hardest things to render in any engine and WebGL handles it like a boss.

The future of in-browser graphic rendering has so much potential. I can't wait till we begin seeing stuff like this as commonplace on Web sites. If you want to try out that Iceberg demo for yourself to see if your browser can handle 3D rendering, check out the demo here.

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