Chrome Extension Lets You Study Smarter By Blocking Distracting Sites

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The internet is both the best and worst thing to ever happen to productivity. Anyone trying to get any work done in any capacity can attest to that. It's a world of knowledge at your fingertips - an incredible network of anything and everything you need to succeed. The problem with using the internet to complete work is that to do so, well, you have to be on the internet.

And that means Facebook, Twitter, reddit, and many many more distractions that pop up to derail you at any moment. Let's face it - your willpower is simply not strong enough to withstand the pull of cute cats. With that in mind, there's a simple new Chrome extension to help the easily-kicked-off-course.

While there are already plenty of ways to block certain websites if that's what you need to do, the I-AM-STUDYING Blocker is specifically designed to aid the inner procrastinator in us all. The extension allows you to choose which sities you want to keep out of circulation while you work on that important project, and this is what will pop up when you try to access any of those self-banned sites:

That "snooze" button will allow you to access said site if you truly need a breather from the tedium, but it will only be a brief respite. Snooze allows for 10 minutes of browsing per hour while the extension is enabled.

The extension even provides some rudimentary analytics that track each user's top time-wasting sites as well as the percentage of time the user spent browsing per session.

Of course, if you really want to look at reddit when you should be studying, you can just turn it off. But I've found that adopting the "i'll work for X hours and take a break" mantra doesn't always work according to plan. This extension at least gives you pause every time you visit a site that's clearly not going to help you do anything productive.

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