Google Protothon Shows Off The Future Of WebRTC

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It's official: WebRTC is the next big thing as far as HTML5 applications are concerned. All three major players - Google, Mozilla and Microsoft - are now working on their own WebRTC applications for video chat over browsers.

Mozilla hosted a pretty cool demonstration of their WebRTC application a few weeks ago, but Google just raised the bar with their latest demonstrations. Google hosted "the world's first WebRTC developer event" last month on March 24 called the WebRTC Protothon.

Google was nice enough to create two video demos of the event. The first gives a good overview of what developers were trying to accomplish at the hackathon. It's really fascinating to see these people looking at this new technology and just running with it.

The second video is far more amazing as it shows the demos the teams created while at the hackathon. While most people probably think that WebRTC is just for real time video chatting over Web browsers, this hackathon proved it can be used for so much more. From interactive real-time ping pong to an app that lets you apply cartoonish features to the friend you're talking to, WebRTC proves its got what it takes to change the face of interactivity.

The best thing about this hackathon is that all the demos created are available for you to try out right now. You can find links to all the demos at the Protothon Google+ page. I suggest trying out Ping Pong and Puzzlible. Both are really awesome concepts that show off what WebRTC is truly capable of.

Google and their friendly team of developers just raised the bar of what is possible with WebRTC. I think developers for all three major players should now be mindful of the possibilities beyond just video chatting. There's a whole new world of interacting with our friends in real-time beyond just communications.