Google Chrome Will Save Your Tabs

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Chrome and Firefox have been at war for quite some time with the two browsers both owning about 20 percent of the browser market share. Both browsers feature a sync option that allows users to save their history, bookmarks, add-ons, etc across multiple devices. Firefox has had a small victory for a while since it had the ability to save tabs, but Chrome has finally caught up.

Announcing it on the Google Chrome blog, the Chrome team has announced that it's now possible to save your tabs across multiple devices and computers. Of course, interested users have to be signed in to Chrome to take advantage of the service, but that's easy enough. You can access this feature on the new tab page under "Other devices."

Google Chrome Will Save Your Tabs

While this new feature will work on Chrome for Android Beta, it's only available on Android 4.0 or higher devices. This severely limits the amount of Android users who can use the new tab saving feature and mobile users have the most to gain from it.

For those that do have the option of mobile browsing, the coolest feature is that it saves your browsing history inside the tab. This means that you can navigate forward or back as soon as you bring up the saved tab. It's the perfect mobile companion to desktop browsing.

It's still nice for those that share tabs between their work and home computers. I know that I find plenty of things at work that I would like to research more once I get home.

Google will be rolling out the new option to Beta channel users over the coming week. There's no word on when the option will be rolled out to stable channel users. I'm sure it won't be too far behind.