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Chicken Nugget Recall: Tyson Recalls Nuggets Sold at Sam’s Club

Tyson Foods announced on Friday that the company is recalling thousands of pounds of their chicken nuggets. Two different chicken nugget products were included in the recall: five-pound bags of white meat chicken nuggets and 20-pound packs of nugget-shaped chicken breast patties. A whopping 75,320 pounds of nuggets were recalled because they were “contaminated with extraneous materials.” According to the …

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Beagle Chicken Nuggets: Smart Dog Raids Oven

Have you ever wondered what your dog is up to while you’re away? The owner of a beagle named Lucy was curious, so he set up a video camera to record his dog while he was out and discovered that Lucy has a really clever way of stealing food. The owner posted the video of his beagle stealing chicken nuggets …

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Chicken Nuggets: On the Interior

The chicken nugget has become one of America’s most popular mystery meats. They’re cheap; they’re easy; they’re fast. Nuggets may end up killing you off later on in life, but in the mean time chicken nuggets are ever so convenient and easily welcomed into our bellies. Chicken nuggets are among the most favored foods of bratty and messy toddlers, worn-out …

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Chicken Nuggets: Proven to be About Half By-Product

A few brave scientists in Mississippi took the childhood favorite, the chicken nugget, and rendered it to it’s beginning state in order discover what many of us already knew, but some of us were in denial about: chicken nuggets aren’t entirely actual meat. If you’re a Jamie Oliver fan, you’ll never forget this diet-changing episode: “We all know white chicken …

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