Chicken Nugget Recall: Tyson Recalls Nuggets Sold at Sam's Club


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Tyson Foods announced on Friday that the company is recalling thousands of pounds of their chicken nuggets. Two different chicken nugget products were included in the recall: five-pound bags of white meat chicken nuggets and 20-pound packs of nugget-shaped chicken breast patties.

A whopping 75,320 pounds of nuggets were recalled because they were "contaminated with extraneous materials." According to the USDA, the company recalled the nuggets after a consumer complained about finding plastic pieces in the product. After an investigation, Tyson officials were able to pinpoint the source of the contamination, which was a blending machine. So far there haven't been any illnesses reported related to the recalled chicken nuggets, and the USDA classifies this recall as a low health risk.

To see if any of the Tyson products you have purchased fall under the chicken nugget recall, check out the details of the recall below:

5-lb. bags of Tyson Fully Cooked White Meat Chicken Nuggets – 16142-928 with a Best if Used By date of Jan 26 2015 or Feb 16 2015. The manufacturer codes 0264SDL0315 through 19 and 0474SDL0311 through 14 can also be found on the bags. These products were produced Jan. 26, 2014 or Feb. 16, 2014 and shipped nationwide to one retail warehouse club chain.

20-lb. bulk packs of Spare Time Fully Cooked Nugget-Shaped Chicken Breast Pattie Fritters w/Rib Meat – 16142-861 with identifying case codes of 0264SDL0315 through 19 and 0474SDL0311 through 14. These products were produced Jan. 26 and Feb. 16, 2014 and were shipped for institutional use in Indiana and Arkansas.

As you will notice in the chicken nugget recall information, the five-pound bags of nuggets were sold exclusively to one retail warehouse club chain, which has been identified as Sam's Club. Tyson says on their Twitter page that other retailers weren't affected by the recall:

If you have a bag of nuggets under the recall, follow these instructions from Tyson to receive a refund:

If a consumer has a bag of affected product, discard the product, cut the UPC and date code from the back and mail it to Tyson Foods – CP631, P.O. Box 2020, Springdale, AR, 72765-9989 for a full refund.

This isn't the first recall Tyson Foods has issued this year. Another recall was issued in January for nearly 34,000 pounds of mechanically separated chicken products that were possibly contaminated with salmonella.

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