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SES Chicago: Finding Balance In SEO
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Crafting a site involves people with different focuses and skill sets. Allowing them to run free instead of working together is a recipe for disaster.

SES Chicago: The I-word, Discussed

If you want to build up investment interest in your SEO/SEM firm, you have to make your company compelling enough to separate capital from capitalists.

SES Chicago: Sitemaps Discussed
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Webmasters can face a number of issues, and may hope that sitemaps can cure the bulk of them. 

So a panel at SES Chicago weighed sitemaps’ pros and cons.

SES Chicago: Usability & SEO
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At the SES session Usability & SEO: Two Wins For The Price of One the speakers focused on building both user friendly sites and search engine friendly sites.

SES Chicago returns, and WebProNews is on hand to bring you reports and videos from the Windy City.  Enjoy our coverage this week.

SES Chicago: Tips From YellowPages.com

Everything can come together in Yellow Pages listings – these are what get some people to make purchases.  So this puts the Yellow Pages in a rather unique position, and Charles Stubbs, the CEO of YellowPages.com, discussed what he’s learned in the industry at SES Chicago.

SES Chicago: Online Search, Local Purchases

Most folks know that they can find whatever they want on the Web.  Nonetheless, people still hop in the car when it’s time to actually buy stuff.  This can be a good thing, though, if you learn to take advantage of it.

SES Chicago: Trending With Seth Godin

Keynote speaker Seth Godin dispensed marketing wisdom for his morning audience, and cited fourteen trends to watch as search marketers work the Internet.

SES Chicago: Online Retail And SEO

There is money being left on the table by online retailers, as many have not made the most out of their search engine optimization opportunities.

SES Chicago: Soaring Through Universal Search
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Searchers represent a valuable commodity to search engines, and the keen-minded technologists behind the algorithms want to make search sites as useful as possible, no matter what the query.

SES Chicago: Igniting Viral Campaigns

This week WebProNews is at SES Chicago covering the conference. Stay here for all your SES coverage.

In the session "Igniting Viral Campaigns" Bill Hanekamp, CEO of The Well got things started by saying, "I get really nervous in front of SEO people, because I’m a marketing guy."

He said the content you provide should be:
1. Entertaining
2. Relevant
3. Timely
4. Exclusive

Off to Speak at SES Chicago

Brrr!  I am off to Chicago in the morning to speak at SES. Temperatures below freezing and snow already on the ground.  For a little African lizard like me used to blazing heat it’s way too cold.  I bought myself some thermal underwear and pulled out my down parka and off I go.

SES Interview with Heisler & Kevin

What we have for you today is a double scoop, double feature and two times our regular interview spunk involving Kevin Ryan, Global Content Director for Search Engine Strategies and Search Engine Watch and Kevin Heisler, Executive Editor of Search Engine Watch.

I’ll have to say, there are a few gems in this one, so read on:

Comparing SEM and SMM
Colleague Kelly McCoy Williams sent me a great story in the Chicago Tribune about "conversation analysts," which features friend and blogger Jeremiah Owyang.

Structured Search Coming Soon from Yahoo?

Barry Schwartz reports that Yahoo plans to roll out a "structured search" functionality in the near future.

Google Maps Replaces Hybrid Button with Terrain

Google Maps replaced the button Hybrid with a button reading Terrain (Hybrid used to show a mix between satellite imagery and maps data, such as streets or borders).

Seth Godin’s Meatball Sundae

SES hosted a webcast with Seth Godin, marketing maverick, author of a new book Meatball Sundae.  In his words It’s about the internet and new marketing and the fourteen trends that change everything.

Whisper: Papers Plot Online Ad Network

Five major newspaper publishers may be ready to create a national ad network that will let them keep all of their ad revenue in-house.

Microsoft Spending $500M On Chicago Datacenter

A project to construct a massive datacenter near Chicago complements Microsoft’s establishment of other centers in Washington State and near San Antonio.

ad:Tech Chicago vs. SES San Jose
After attending ad:Tech Chicago and Search Engine Strategies over the last month made me realize that there are considerable differences between the 2 conferences.

I know they’re difficult to compare because SES San Jose is quite a bit larger than ad:Tech Chicago and the target demographic is somewhat different, however I am sure there are marketers wondering which one they should attend. Here are my thoughts:

Behavioral and On Site Targeting Factors
Behavioral Targeting is the ability to target users based on their behavior on your website (this is one form known as on-site targeting). The concept of behavioral/on site targeting is exactly how business should be done: offer a customized solution to your end users so that they are truly engaged with your website.

Plaintiffs Added to YouTube Suit

It looks like England’s Football Association Premier League, has found some support in its class action lawsuit against YouTube.

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