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Walmart Closing Half of Its Chicago Stores
Walmart announced it is shutting down half of its Chicago stores, citing losses of "tens of millions of dollars a year."...
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Maria Goretti: Remains Of Youngest Canonized Saint Continue Pilgrimage In America
Maria Goretti is the youngest saint to be canonized by the Catholic church and the saint of purity, mercy and youth. Most especially for victims of ra...
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Demi Moore And Bruce Willis Show Up For Daughter Rumer’s Broadway Debut
Demi Moore and ex-husband Bruce Willis reunited for daughter Rumer Willis Broadway debut on Monday. Rumer, the eldest daughter of Moore and Willis, ma...
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Bruce Willis Replaced by Steve Carell in New Woody Allen Movie–Was He Fired?
Bruce Willis was recently replaced by Steve Carell in a current Woody Allen film already in production. There is some confusion about the reason Willi...
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Rumer Willis Turns 27, Receives Birthday Wish from Bruce Willis’s Daughter Mabel
Rumer Willis turned 27 this past weekend, and it was likely the birthday wish that came from her three-year-old half sister that make her smile the mo...
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Gloria Estefan’s On Your Feet To Premiere In Chicago
It took quite a while but Gloria and Emilio Estefan’s On Your Feet is finally dancing its way to a world premiere in Chicago. On Your Feet showcases...
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Uber Is Now Delivering Food in NYC and Chicago
If Uber can get you a ride in a reasonable amount of time, the company thinks it can also get you a hot (hopefully) meal in that same window. Uber has...
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Uber Driver Pulls Out Shotgun, Shoots Gunman
Upon first glance at an “Uber driver pull out gun” headline, your initial reaction was likely oh no not another Uber assault. But this sto...
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Alec Baldwin Tries His Hand At Rapping For Worthy Cause [VIDEO]
Alec Baldwin may be starting a career as a rap artist. The actor was recently seen rapping in a video that Chance the Rapper posted on Instagram. The ...
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Cara Labus: Teacher Accused Of Sex With Students
Cara Labus, a suburban Chicago teacher was arrested Wednesday and charged with four counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse for incidents involving...
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Amtrak Train Stabbing in Michigan Injures Four
A 44-year-old Michigan man was taken into custody by police Friday, after he stabbed four passengers aboard an Amtrak train in the town of Niles, Mich...
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Nordstrom Black Friday Shooting Victim Dies
A man walked into a Chicago Nordstrom department store during its Black Friday event, and shot his ex-girlfriend in the back of her head, before turni...
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Chance The Rapper Receives Award In Chicago
On Sunday, November 9, Chance the Rapper was given the Outstanding Youth of the Year Award by the state of Illinois. The rapper took to twitter right ...
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Google Shopping Express Becomes Google Express, Expands
Google announced that it has changed the name of Google Shopping Express to just Google Express, is expanding it into more cities, and that it now inc...
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Lauryn Hill Sells Out Brooklyn Concert After Kicking Out Heckler In Chicago
Nobody likes a heckler, least of all Lauryn Hill. The way a performer deals with a heckler is an art form in and of itself. Truly great performers dea...
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Kristin Cavallari Dropped 20 Pounds Two Months After Giving Birth
Kristin Cavallari has already lost 20 pounds of pregnancy weight a little over two months after giving birth to her second child. The 27-year-old real...
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David Bowie Classics to be Covered at MCA
The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago has been chosen as the U.S. venue for the David Bowie is… exhibit, which opened to great fanfare Londo...
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Nuns Sue Strip Club: Ploy To Punish “Sinners”?
Nuns have sued a strip club in a suburban Chicago Neighborhood for disturbances to their lifestyle caused by the club being too close. The nuns claim ...
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Willis Tower Ledge Cracks; Patrons Never in Danger
When Alejandro Garibay ventured forth from Stockton, Ca to visit Chicago, he was told that he must do one thing while there – visit the Skydeck ...
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Chicago $15 Minimum Wage Could Happen
If a group of Chicago aldermen’s plans prove successful, the minimum wage for the Illinois city could be increased to $15 per hour. The officials wo...
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