Diabetes Management Goes ‘Bionic’ With New Device

Diabetes Management Goes ‘Bionic’ With New Device

By Chris Tepedino June 20, 2014

Researchers involved in two National Institutes of Health-funded studies have developed a ‘bionic’ pancreas that monitors a patient’s blood sugar levels and makes Type 1 diabetes more manageable. Created by researchers at Boston University and Massachusetts General Hospital, the experimental …

Lara Logan Of '60 Minutes' Suspended By CBS Lara Logan Of '60 Minutes' Suspended By CBS

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CBS has suspended its news correspondent, Lara Logan for an erroneous 60 Minutes report about the attack on a US diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya, according to USA Today. Also suspended was the segment’s producer Max McClellan. CBS News chairman …

CBS Reporter Hacked, Involved 'Exfiltration of Data' CBS Reporter Hacked, Involved 'Exfiltration of Data'
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An internal investigation by a cyber security firm, hired by CBS News, has confirmed that investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s computer was “accessed by an unauthorized, external, unknown party on multiple occasions late in 2012.” Here’s CBS News’ statement on the …

60 Minutes Interviewer Mike Wallace Dies At 93 60 Minutes Interviewer Mike Wallace Dies At 93

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Sad news today for the journalism world as Mike Wallace passed away at the age of 93. He will best remembered as one of the toughest men on television as he interviewed crooks and saints alike on 60 Minutes. CBS …

Watch the Election Results on YouTube

You can watch the elections on YouTube tonight if that is your preferred video hub or if you’re not near a television (though you can still watch them there from your TV if it’s connected). At 9PM, the CBS YouTube channel will stream the results live. 

Couric Pings Digg Crowd For Questions
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Sporting a Digg t-shirt from her CBS News office chair, anchor Katie Couric addressed Digg.com from YouTube. She prodded the geek-chic crowd there for questions to ask at the Democratic National Convention.

CBSNews.com, Digg, Sharing Election Interests

Heavily Dugg political stories on Digg will be part of CBSNews.com as complementary content for the network’s online election coverage.

CBS Apologizes To Blogger

A senior executive at CBS News Corporation has issued an apology to a viewer who complained via email about anchor Katie Couric’s reporting from Iraq and was insulted in CBS’s reply.

Yahoo Dishing CBS News To 16 Cities

Local news gets a boost from Yahoo as they inked a deal to deliver video from sixteen CBS News affiliates online.

Katie Couric To Be Broadcast And Webcast

CBS Digital Media plans to make their news anchor an omnipresent figure by simulcasting her evening news show online and over-the-air.