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T-Mobile Announces New Mobile B2B Solutions

T-mobile announced today that it intends to ease further into business-to-business (B2B) services with some new service offerings. T-Mobile Office Connect is the mobile carrier’s communications solution for businesses. It will integrate T-Mobile’s 4G network to enable “desk phone features on mobile devices. The carrier claims that employees will then only need one number and voicemail box to manage all …

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Social Media Sells More B2B Leads [Infographic]

If you’re not using social media to get your products and services recognized, you have to explore this social media business to business infographic from Insideview.Com. Why bother you say? For one, IBM reported a 400% increase in sales after implementing a pilot program to explore the advantages of marketing via social media. Another reason? Almost 70% of a salespersons …

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