Social Media Sells More B2B Leads [Infographic]


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If you're not using social media to get your products and services recognized, you have to explore this social media business to business infographic from Insideview.Com.

Why bother you say? For one, IBM reported a 400% increase in sales after implementing a pilot program to explore the advantages of marketing via social media.

Another reason? Almost 70% of a salespersons time is spent doing things other than selling, social media can cut that time down significantly.

Over 90% of business to business companies are using at least Facebook. That's almost everyone! LinkedIn generates more leads than a company blog, Twitter, or Facebook and less than half the businesses are using it. Can you say opportunity!

If you're aren't taking advantage of these trends, you might as well reserve a spot in the museum because you have become a dinosaur. Selling B2B via social networking helps you build new relationships with ease, gives you broader coverage, and allows new clients the ability to seek you out 24/7. It's worth a try, in fact, it's a no-brainer!