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Asthma Drug Rejected by U.K.’s NICE
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The U.K.’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) this weekend issued a draft guidance stating that it does not recommend omalizumab, an asthma medication marketed as Xolair by Novartis Pharmaceuticals. NICE is a U.K. health authority that publishes …

Rocket Car’s Engine Reaches 30,000 Horsepower In First Test

Would you ride in a car that could hit speeds up to 1,000 MPH? Most probably wouldn’t, but researchers in Britain are creating that can do just that anyway. It’s called the Bloodhound SSC, and it just passed its first …

Frequent Flyer? You’ll Be Googled A Lot By British Airways Frequent Flyer? You’ll Be Googled A Lot By British Airways
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Do you have a favorite restaurant? Do the people who work there know you by name now? I visit the Panera near work every morning to get a sandwich or pastry and an iced green tea. For the past few …

Teenager Named Britain’s Most Beautiful Woman
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(image) Meet Florance Colgate, an 18 year old from Deal, Kent in England, who has been named the most beautiful woman in Britain following a contest by ITV’s Lorraine program. The contest wanted to find the most beautiful face without …

Researchers Track British Mood With Twitter Researchers Track British Mood With Twitter

Researchers in the Intelligent Systems Laboratory at the University of Bristol have presented a paper in which they track the national mood of the United Kingdom through Twitter posts. This is not the first, or even the largest, study to …

UK’s Mail Online Near 100 Million Users UK’s Mail Online Near 100 Million Users

Associated Newspapers’ Mail Online was close to having 100 million readers in January, and growth doesn’t appear to be showing signs of slowing down. The Associated Newspapers network of websites drew 99,218,476 monthly browsers, a 17.88% increase compared with last …

Facebook Hack Nets Eight Month Prison Sentence
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Facebook doesn’t take too kindly to being hacked. This was made rather apparent this week when a young man was sentenced to eight months in prison for hacking the social networking site. Reuters is reporting that Glenn Mangham, a 26-year-old …

Chris Huhne Resigns From Cabinet Post

Chris Huhne, Britain’s energy secretary, has resigned his post after being charged with perverting the course of justice over a 2003 speeding case. His ex-wife Vicky Pryce will also be facing the same charges over allegations that she took penalty …

Britain Getting Faster Internet Thanks To BT Britain Getting Faster Internet Thanks To BT
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Britain could be seeing faster Internet coming their way courtesy of BT. The Telegraph is reporting that BT has concluded a trial run in Cornwall that offered high-speed fiber broadband to any home or business. They hope to make the …

Study Shows British Population Trusts Internet More Than Friends

Brits trust the internet more than friends and colleagues when it comes to handing over personal information, according to a study published today by data storage specialists NetApp.

The research, which polled 3000 adults, revealed that while the average adult freely divulges a string of personal details on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, most would not give friends or colleagues their PIN number.

Why British Singer Matt Goss Likes Twittering with Fans
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Do you know who Matt Goss is? If you’re an American, there’s a good chance that you don’t. Still, in some places, like his British homeland, he is a star. He’s sold 16 million records with his group Bros, which also featured his twin brother Luke. He’s been making records for about 20 years.

British Using ‘Common Sense’ Strategy For Social Media In The Military

Since we had a rather strong response to our coverage of the United States Marine Corps’ policy to not allow Marines to access social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter on the Marines’ network it seemed appropriate to see how this is handled ‘across the pond’.

Mobile Advertising Booming in Britain

Despite being a nascent industry in tough economic times, mobile advertising in the UK is growing at a faster rate than previously expected.

The IAB and PricewaterhouseCoopers research demonstrates that mobile advertising has experienced an impressive and steady growth in the UK in an overall declining market. In 2008, as more brands trialed and embraced the medium, spending increased by a whopping 99.2% to $44 million. 

Drop in Email Marketing Performance Among British Retailers
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If there’s ever been a time when email marketers need to be on the ball with their communication, it’s right now. Consumers are harder to part from their cash and the competition for sales is hotter than ever. However, dotMailer’s annual benchmark study, “Hitting the Mark”, shows that the overall email marketing performance of the U.K.’s leading retailers is actually down on last year.

Facebook Packs Its Bags For Britain
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Facebook’s big, but in the UK, Bebo’s bigger – according to Hitwise, this social networking site has about 1.5 times the market share of its American competitor.  Facebook would, of course, like to change this, and to that end, it’s opening an office in London.

Britain’s Floods Get Mapped By Google

Over the past week or so, Britain has been hit by some really nasty flooding – the worst in 60 years.  Fortunately, no deaths or serious injuries have been reported, and it’s possible that Google helped bring about this positive outcome.

Google Image Search Bests Others In Britain

In Britain, Google UK is king – no surprises there.  What’s interesting is that Google Image Search is also doing incredibly well, and a report from Hitwise (released earlier today) examines the relationship between the two.

Google, Facebook Emerge As Winners In Britain
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In some markets, Google is getting trounced.  Take China and South Korea, for instance: the big guy just can’t win.  In other regions, Google continues to reign supreme, and the latest numbers from comScore confirm that Britain is willing to crown Google as king of the search engines.  Social networks also fared well in the UK.

Hotmail Launches ‘Email Britain’ Campaign

To celebrate the UK launch of the new Windows Live Hotmail, the UK’s no 1 email service has announced a unique collaboration with the British Library, to create the first ever archive of British emails today.

UK to Shut Down Most Government Websites

The British government has announced that it will close at least 551 websites in order to streamline as part of a plan to revamp its online presence. The decision is outlined in the Transformational Government Annual Report 2006, which was released earlier this week.

Google Voted “Most Popular Brand” In Britain

According to the Millward Brown research consultancy, Google is Britain’s most popular brand. And while that accomplishment in impressive enough its own right, the search engine company achieved it while spending remarkably little money on advertising.