Rocket Car's Engine Reaches 30,000 Horsepower In First Test

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Would you ride in a car that could hit speeds up to 1,000 MPH? Most probably wouldn't, but researchers in Britain are creating that can do just that anyway. It's called the Bloodhound SSC, and it just passed its first test with flying colors.

The team of researchers working on the Bloodhound haven't actually created the car just yet. They're currently experimenting with the engine to make sure that the rocket-powered car is actually viable. The power required to hit 1,000 MPH on land would completely destroy most engines, but these guys seem to have done it.

In the below video, you can see the results of the first engine test. According to International Science Times, the engine reached 30,000 horsepower during its 10 second run. By the end of their experiments, they expect the engine to reach 80,000 horsepower and 27,500 pounds of thrust.

For comparison, the current record holder for world's fastest street legal car - the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport - has a horsepower of only 1,200. In a 10-second test, the Bloodhound's engine has already surpassed the Bugatii's engine by almost 30 times over. The Bloodhound will be a sight to behold once it reaches the 80,000 HP threshold.

Of course, this first test was closely controlled and monitored by a team of professionals. Once the engine is strapped to a car, anything could happen. Regardless, it's still amazing that a car's engine has been able to obtain this kind of power. It will be interesting to see what happens when they perform the first field test.

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