Britain Getting Faster Internet Thanks To BT

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Britain could be seeing faster Internet coming their way courtesy of BT.

The Telegraph is reporting that BT has concluded a trial run in Cornwall that offered high-speed fiber broadband to any home or business. They hope to make the technology, and speeds, available to the entire country by Spring of next year.

The current high-speed product is called “BT Infinity,” which upgraded the connection between a local telephone exchange and street telephone. The new process will upgrade the copper wiring between houses and street phones increasing the speeds.

BT makes the hefty claim that their new service has “the potential to transform the UK broadband landscape.” They will be able to offer speeds of 300Mbps to anywhere in BT’s fiber network area.

Those that want the service will have to pony up the upgrade cost for the new hardware. BT is also upscaling their existing broadband infrastructure so that those on BT Infinity will get 80Mbit/s instead of 40Mbit/s.

BT is currently upgrading its national broadband network and claims that two-thirds of the UK will have “superfast broadband” by 2014. With the help of government money, they can make that number rise to 90 percent.

The UK is investing £630 million in public money so that Britain will have “the best broadband network in Europe.”