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Jane Fonda: Not Afraid of Dying and Still Into Sex

Actress Jane Fonda’s career has spanned four decades and has had plenty of ups and downs. Fonda’s acting career exploded as she took the role of 60s sex symbol Barbarella, and she quickly became famous for her anti-war activism, her workout tapes, and her three marriages (including one to media mogul Ted Turner). While looking back on her turbulent life, …

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Cancer Research Identifies New Potential Breast Cancer Driver

A new study has moved forward with a drug that could target a newly-identified breast cancer driver. Breast cancers are defined and treated according to their hormonal drivers, of which the most common are estrogen, progesterone, and HER2. Androgen receptors have now been targeted as a potential driver of so-called triple negative breast cancers. The new clinical trial has demonstrated …

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Breast Cancer Risks Linked to Working Environment

A new study shows that some occupations, such as those that expose workers to carcinogens and endocrine disrupters, raise risks for breast cancer. Jobs sectors that showed an increased risk included agriculture, bar/gambling, automotive plastics manufacturing, food canning, and metal-working. The study, published in the journal Environmental Health, looked at 1006 breast cancer cases in Southern Ontario, Canada. The patients …

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Breast Cancer, Sleep Disturbance, and Depression to be Studied at UCLA

UCLA researchers announced this week that they have received a $5 million grant from the National Cancer Institute to fund a five-year study into the risk profiles of breast cancer survivors likely to suffer depression. The 300 volunteers needed for the study will be chosen by looking through the electronic patient records of Kaiser Permanente to find women who have …

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Breast Cancer 3-D Imaging Technique Provides Greater Clarity

Researchers at UCLA have announced a new technique that produces clearer 3-D images of breast tissue while using a lower dose of X-ray radiation than a traditional mammogram. The higher-quality images are two to three times sharper than those created using current CT scanner technology. The researchers say that the new images may be able to detect breast tumors earlier …

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Breast Cancer Risk Predicted by Blood Hormone Levels

Researchers have found that blood hormone tests can predict a woman’s risk of postmenopausal breast cancer for up to 20 years. The study used data from the Nurses Health Study and looked at 796 patients with postmenopausal breast cancer who had not received hormone therapy, and each was matched with two controls who were not diagnosed with breast cancer. Blood …

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Touch Yourself for Breast Cancer Awareness, and Share It on Facebook

This isn’t your mother’s breast cancer awareness campaign. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and as a result you may have seen a lot of pink ribbons floating around. That’s cool and all, but another campaign just wants you to touch yourself. “This October, Women’s Health + F*ck Cancer want you to Touch Yourself. Seriously! Not only is it entertaining, …

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Breast Cancer Early Detection Campaign to Begin in October

Gannett Co. today announced an upcoming media campaign in conjunction with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) to promote the NBCF’s Early Detection Plan and its online resources. The campaign will begin in October, which is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The NBCF will have ads across a wide variety of Gannett properties, including local television stations, websites, USA Today, …

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Breast Cancer Study Shows Genetic Origins

A study published this week in the journal Nature shows that some types breast cancers are genetically similar to ovarian tumors. Basal-like breast tumors, one of the most deadly types of breast cancers, were found to be more genetically similar to ovarian tumors than even other types of breast cancers. Basal-like tumors account for around 10% of all breast cancers …

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Herceptin Breast Cancer Drug Shown to Greatly Increase Heart Risks

A study by the Group Health Research Institute in Seattle has determined that trastuzumab, the drug behind the brand name Herceptin, raises the risks for heart problems in breast cancer patients much more than previously thought. Trastuzumab is widely prescribed alongside chemotherapy to increase survival chances for patients with breast cancer. Erin Bowles, an epidemiologist at the Group Health Research …

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Breast Cancer: If You Drink One Glass a Day You Increase Your Risk

A recent study indicates that if you have one alcoholic beverage a day you increase you likelihood of getting breast cancer by four percent. That risk skyrockets to 50 percent for individuals who consume three or more drinks per day. These findings come from researchers in Germany, France, and Italy who have been reviewing data on the causal link. Helmut …

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eBay Launches Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

In support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, eBay is asking people to sell, buy or donate through its eBay Giving Works program.

eBay Giving Works allows buyers and sellers to support nonprofits by selling an item and donating a portion of the proceeds.

“In fact, for the value of every laptop sold this month through Giving Works, one uninsured patient could get a mammogram,” said Robert Chatwani, Director eBay Global Citizenship.

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