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Chopper Goes Haywire: 4 Injured In Brazil Chopper Goes Haywire: 4 Injured In Brazil

The Regional Service for the Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents in Brazil had their hands full with the mystery of why a rescue helicopter literally shook itself to pieces on wednesday of last week. The chopper carried four passengers …

The Netherlands: The Most Active Country On Twitter The Netherlands: The Most Active Country On Twitter
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With expectations that Twitter will cross the threshold of 500 million accounts as soon as later this month, and with their recent modification to how they will treat requests for censorship concerning tweets, what better time than now to take …

Foxconn’s Brazilian iPad Factory To Begin Production As Government Grants Tax Breaks Foxconn’s Brazilian iPad Factory To Begin Production As Government Grants Tax Breaks

Foxconn will soon begin production of iPads in Brazil, as the country has approved specific tax incentives designed to aid Apple’s popular tablet. The Brazilian government will give tax breaks to Foxconn for the production of tablets specified as weighing …

Facebook No Longer Taking A Backseat To Orkut In Brazil Facebook No Longer Taking A Backseat To Orkut In Brazil

Facebook use gained a lot of momentum in Brazil last year, according to new data from comScore. Brazil has been known to be one market where Google’s social network Orkut has actually been successful. Now, Facebook is bigger there too. …

Exploding iPhones: Now A Multi-Continent Problem Exploding iPhones: Now A Multi-Continent Problem

Earlier this week on a flight from Lismore to Sydney, Australia, an iPhone pretty much blew up, or spontaneously combusted – whatever you want to call it, the phone began emitting dense smoke an began glowing red. Luckily, the plane …

Bing-Yahoo Transition Moves Forward In Australia, Brazil, Mexico
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Australia, Brazil, and Mexico have populations of 22.5 million, 190.7 million, and 112.3 million people, respectively.  Which adds up to 325.5 million potential users, all in all.  It’s a big deal, then, that the Bing-Yahoo search transition progressed in these three countries today.

F1 Driver Wins Lawsuit Against Google
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Orkut, Google’s social network that never caught on in America, looks set to cost the company some money in Brazil.  Google’s lost a lawsuit brought against it by Formula One driver Rubens Barrichello.

The lawsuit revolved around several fake profiles set up in Barrichello’s name.  They ridiculed him for being second driver (or more specifically, second fiddle) to Michael Schumacher, and Google wasn’t quick to take the profiles down, despite being notified.

Facebook, Twitter Tally Impressive Gains In Brazil

So as not to mislead anyone, we’ll be clear from the start: Facebook’s nowhere close to overtaking Orkut in terms of unique visitors in Brazil.  But new comScore stats at least show that Facebook is growing at an amazing rate, and Twitter’s doing well for itself in the country, too.

Facebook saw its user base increase by 479 percent in the last year, according to comScore, which means its audience has gone from roughly 1.5 million visitors in August of 2009 to 8.9 million in August of this year.  Not bad.

Street View Set To Cover All Seven Continents
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Sometime today, Street View fans should be able to take in sights on all seven continents for the first time ever.  Coverage of Brazil and Antarctica will make this possible, and images of Ireland are supposed to become available, to boot.

Yahoo to Make Mobile Presence Felt in Brazil

Yahoo announced a partnership with TIM Brasil, one of Brazil’s largest mobile carriers. The partnership will see Yahoo powering the search experience on TIM’s mobile portal. Yahoo will also provide links to various Yahoo mobile services.

Twitter Use Taking Off In Many Foreign Markets

comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) has just released a report on Twitter’s explosive growth worldwide. The comScore study found that in June 2010, about 93 million Internet users visited Twitter.com. This is an overall increase of 109 percent over last year. Indonesia reported the highest number of users, with 20.8 percent of Internet users in Indonesia visiting Twitter.com in June of 2010, followed by Brazil and Venezuela.

Google Huge in Brazil and India
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Numbers from comScore this week, revealed that Google sites account for nearly 30% of all time spent online in India and Brazil. That is three times higher than the average.

Google Popular In Brazil Too
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Online measurement firm Hitwise has launched its service in Brazil.

The company says it will track more than 60,000 websites across more than 160 industry categories based on the Internet activity of 90,000 Brazilian Internet users.

"As online usage grows in Brazil, so too does competition for the Internet consumer," said Juliano Marcillio, president of Serasa Experian Marketing Services.

Facebook Takes Off In Brazil, India
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Facebook’s scoring some big gains in the world’s second- and fifth-most populous countries.  New stats indicate that the social network’s growth rate has started imitating the upright angle of a hockey stick in both India and Brazil.

Brazil Gets Google To Fight Child Porn
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According to Sergio Suiama, a Sao Paulo federal prosecutor, around 50,000 pedophilia-related complaints have been connected to Orkut.  By way of response, Google plans to implement a filtering system and retain information for a longer period, but still won’t share problem profiles with authorities.

Orkut Promotes Insignificant Photo Capabilities

A lot of signs indicate that Google is preparing Orkut for something big; it may well want the service to compete with the likes of MySpace and Facebook.  But the latest update – allowing users to keep 100 photos in their “orkut albums” – isn’t impressing too many people.

UOL, Buscape Get Accounts With Google

I often ignore unusual punctuation marks (“Yahoo!” becomes “Yahoo,” for example), but “Buscape” sounds like some futuristic thing involving mass transport.  So, instead, I’m here to report that Google has signed deals with UOL and Buscapé in Brazil.

YouTube Wins Brazilian Court Case

YouTube appears to be having a streak of good luck – first we learned that a ban in Thailand had been lifted, and now Google’s video-sharing site has won a court case in Brazil (this case had also, as it so happens, resulted in a block).

PPC Traffic; International YouTube; Safer Results

SERoundtable looks at a WebmasterWorld thread to find out What Type of Traffic Can You Expect from Yahoo Ads Compared to Google Ads.

Google, Indians Join Forces To Limit Logging

Most businesses have a formal and structured environment; at Google, jeans are the norm, and dogs are allowed at work.  But in a move that goes far beyond normal business practices – think pygmy marmosets instead of Great Danes – the search engine company has announced a development involving a tribe of Brazilian Indians.

YouTube Goes To Nine New Nations

From our perspective, it’s going international.  From theirs, it’s becoming local.  But either way you look at it, YouTube is launching targeted sites for Ireland, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Japan, Brazil, and France.