GoDaddy Expands To Latin America


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Emerging markets are where it's at these days. While there's still plenty of small businesses in mature markets in the U.S. and Western Europe, companies are now targeting small businesses in emerging markets to take advantage of the explosive growth these countries are seeing.

GoDaddy announced today that it will begin to target small businesses in Latin America with a suite of tools that are now localized in both Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. That means small business owners in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and more can now purchase a domain name and build a Web site through GoDaddy without having to learn another language.

As part of its move into Latin America, GoDaddy has created a new position within the company - Vice President of Latin America. The first person to take this position is Rafael Fernandez MacGregor - a Mexican national and entrepreneur that started Microsoft's online business in the region. He will based in Mexico City and oversee the entire region.

“GoDaddy is creating new opportunities for small businesses in Latin America and making the business of operating a business easier, especially for the small business owner,” MacGregor said. “As a Latin American entrepreneur, I can tell you from experience, small business owners are the most innovative and dynamic job creators in the region, and anyone who has ever launched or run a small business here will tell you how hard it can be. GoDaddy is determined to help companies build and maintain an effective online presence easily and affordably.”

GoDaddy's move into Latin America follows the company's hiring of Arne Josefberg as its CIO last week. All of this is to help GoDaddy expand into 60 markets and offer its products in more than 30 languages by 2015.

Image via GoDaddy/YouTube