Janelle Monáe Wants To Change The Meaning Of Sexy


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Brazil and Janelle Monáe. What a perfect combination.

Both are physically stunning, they both produce a warm and inviting energy, and they both give off a good feeling that you'd like to pocket and carry around with you forever.

Which is probably why Pepsi made Monáe its featured artist for its global 2014 futbol campaign entitled Now is What You Make It. Monáe covered David Bowie's popular song Heroes for the campaign.

The eclectic singer said she never played organized soccer, but she does have an appreciation for it, and compares what she does in music to sports, since both center around teamwork.

"I wasn't on a team, but I do value soccer, and sports in general, because it deals with teamwork," said Monáe.

"I have my own label, I have my own band, and we're a team, and in order for me to succeed I have to work with other people. I love sharing my experiences and my successes with so many people. I see it in soccer players, how we can all work together to reach a goal and make each other happy once that goal is reached."

Unless you haven't noticed yet, Monáe usually wears the same thing. A black pantsuit with a white shirt, and she hardly ever shows any skin.

In past interviews Monáe says she sticks with this look because she wants people to focus on her music, not her appearance. But she doesn't want to judge anyone, she just wants girls to find other ways to be sexy besides taking their clothes off.

"I'm not qualified to judge anyone," said the singer, after a reporter asked her if people appreciate a woman's looks over her artistic output.

"Are we in control of our bodies? Are we trying to make money and bring attention using our bodies? What types of things can we do to promote more or less misogyny, or less sexism? How can we really fight against those stereotypes and those shackles that men and women have placed on us?"

"What can we do to help the next generation of young girls?" Monáe continued asking. "How can we redefine what it means to be sexy?....I want to fight against sexism and to help nurture the female and the female body."

Image via Wikimedia Commons