Brazilian FCC Leaks Amazon Game Controller

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It's been rumored for a while now that Amazon has been working on a set-top box/game console. While details are on the actual set top box itself are scarce, a new leak has pretty much confirmed that Amazon is entering the market soon.

ZatzNotFunny reports that Brazil's version of the FCC, Anatel, has posted images of an Amazon game controller. It's a little blocky and features a button layout similar to an Xbox 360 controller. Check it out:

Amazon Game Controller Leaks

So, is this game controller for a set-top box or game console? Most are assuming that Amazon will be releasing a set-top box with the controller above being an optional add-on. The most likely scenario is that Amazon's set-top box will ship with a standard remote for those who want to use it just for streaming video and music while the game controller will be there for who want to play games.

Speaking of which, Amazon has been making some bold moves in the games industry in the past few months which indicates that they're getting serious about games on their platform. In February, Amazon announced that it had acquired Double Helix Games - the developer behind Killer Instinct and Strider. Kotaku's Stephen Totilo says that Amazon has been approaching game development studios looking to sign games for their platform as well.

With the controller already making its way through regulatory bodies, many are taking this as a sign that Amazon's set-top box may be announced soon. That may very well be case as a rumor from last month said Amazon would be unveiling the device in March after delaying it past its originally intended holiday 2013 launch.

While the controller is likely for a set-top box, we still have to keep expectations in check. It could very well be a controller for Kindle Fire devices, and it will likely connect to the tablet even in the likely event that Amazon does release a set-top box.

Image via Anatel