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20 Tips for Getting More Out of LinkedIn
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LinkedIn wants you to use their social network. It only makes sense that they would provide helpful tips for doing so on their company blog. What’s a better use for a company blog anyway?

But LinkedIn is a popular social network among business professionals anyway, and those who already use it heavily and those who don’t can potentially benefit just the same by taking LinkedIn’s advice.

Tips for Personal Branding

Is Brand the Key to Ranking on Google?
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A recent SEOBook article highlights a good deal of evidence that Google is placing more emphasis on brands than ever before. Author Aaron Wall takes an in depth look at how Google’s algorithm has evolved over his own SEO career, and points out some hints Google has provided in the media as to where its headed before answering a few questions from me for this article.

Listen and Think Before You Tweet
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Recently I’ve discussed how businesses can use Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic to their sites, and even looked at some specific examples of how local businesses here in Lexington, KY are using Twitter.

eBay Branding its Classifieds
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eBay injects its brand name into its classifieds subsidiary Kijiji, which launched four years ago. Starting with two cities, the Kijiji name will change to eBay Classifieds.

Google.org Gets More Integrated with Google

Dr. Larry Brilliant On Monday, Google announced that Dr. Larry Brilliant from Google.org was changing positions and becoming the Chief Philanthropic Evangelist for Google itself.

The Business Goals Where Social Media is Most Effective

Still wondering just how social media can actually benefit your business? There are a variety of ways, and some ways may be more relevant to your own business than others.

MarketingSherpa’s "chart of the week" highlights seven business uses of social media, and rates their effectiveness based on results from a survey fielded in December. The biggest impact of social media seems to come in the form of influencing brand reputation.

Super Bowl Gives Hulu Big Brand Awareness Boost

Hulu is making quite the name for itself. Super Bowl ads will do that. According to Brandon Eshman with Nielsen online, from November 1 to February 1, 2009, Hulu averaged about 300 mentions per day in the online community. 

Making An Impression Lifts Brand Awareness

It’s not just about clicks and easily measured click-through-rates. Search marketers shouldn’t forget about the power of branding, or presence as I’ve called it previously, in the search results. Just because a consumer sees the brand but doesn’t click right away, it doesn’t mean that appearance was without worth.

Gmail Stickers – Fun, Branding, Or A Little of Both?
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Google has decided it would be a good idea to give away Gmail stickers. Some might ask "Why would I want Gmail stickers?" But others are certainly enthused about the idea. You can simply browse the comments on a site like GeekSugar to get that impression.

Report: Roughly One-Tenth Of Brand Searches “Hijacked”
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Companies put all sorts of time and effort into getting people to search for certain terms.  This happens with the expectation that people will then visit corporate sites, but a fresh Hitwise report relays the somewhat threatening news that about 13 percent of searchers wind up somewhere else.

The PubCon Buzz: Day 2

1WebProNews is in full force at Pubcon, this time not only covering the event, but presenting as well.

The Value Of A Link
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Pricing a Link

When trying to understand the value of a link a variety of factors can be considered, including:

Getting All You Can Out Of Online Social Communities

So you’ve entered the land of brand-building in online social networks.  Now what?  Online communities can be great places for marketers to learn and engage with their customers and other consumers.  In order to get all you can get out of it, there are certain guidelines to follow that may help.  Below are the 5 Commandments for How to Act in an Online Social Community.

Branding And Search Engine Marketing

Do you have a brand? If not, your site is part of a "cesspool." In AdAge Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt explains the AdWords quality score and organic ranking algorithms in laymans terms:

SMX East: Search And Branding

In the session "Search and Branding", Noah Elkin, VP of Corporate Strategy, Steak spoke about why brands matter in search.

Coverage of the SMX East conference will continue at WebProNews Videos.  Keep an eye on WebProNews for more notes and videos from the event this week.)

MySpace Reveals Advertisers for MySpace Music
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In my write-up about the upcoming MySpace Music the other day, I had to leave a question mark in the "advertisers" section, because it was unknown who would be advertising as MySpace Music launched. Rumor has it that MySpace Music will launch on Thursday the 18th, and MySpace has now let the advertising cats out of the bag. The company issued a release listing the initial advertisers for the launch. They are:

Radiohead, Gnarls Barkley, and Google
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Google announced a collection of new iGoogle themes from well-known artists today. Among them are: Radiohead, Gnarls Barkley, Gucci, Burberry, Vera Wang, Bob Dylan, Celine Dion, Natalie Cole, and more.

An interesting mix to say the least. Google explains:

Microsoft Vaguely Aware It Kinda Sucks Sometimes
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Eeyore, the donkey always missing its tail, always liked to thank people for noticing him. Seems like, when it comes to search, Microsoft has the same problem. SearchEngineLand’s Danny Sullivan interviewed Microsoft’s Kevin Johnson, president of the Platform and Services division, during today’s keynote session at SMX Advanced in Seattle, and all roads led back to Google.

ACCM: Brand As A Work In Progress

The feeling of accomplishment you get after completing a task is always nice.  Brand development doesn’t have an "end date," however, and a speaker at ACCM urged attendees to give it constant attention.

Microsoft: Our Online Branding Needs Work

Ahead of Microsoft’s advance08 Advertising Leadership Forum, Microsoft’s Kevin Johnson acknowledged to company employees, among other things, that Microsoft’s online branding could be a lot better.

Not All Traffic Is Created Equal

For a long time there’s been a certain amount of obsession among webmasters about building traffic—any traffic—for websites. But really, especially if you’re location-based, the focus should be on building the right traffic.

Of course, search takes center stage in that struggle, but more recently social media sites like Digg.com and BoingBoing have captured the imaginations of traffic-obsessed marketers. Here’s what many of them discover, though: traffic bursts from those sites do little for sales.