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Molly Glynn, ‘Chicago Fire’ Actress, Killed By Fallen Tree In Freak Accident

Actress Molly Glynn passed away on Saturday morning, due to injuries she received from being hit by a tree in a biking incident the day before.  Glynn and her husband, actor Joe Foust, were riding their bicycles in the Erickson Woods Forest Preserve, in suburban Northfield, Chicago on Friday afternoon when a fast moving storm uprooted a tree which fell …

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Kidney Donor Fired After Giving Up Organ For Boss

A New York woman is claiming she was fired after giving up her kidney to help save her boss’s life…and she wants it back. 47-year old Debbie Stevens says that when her former employer, Jackie Brucia, needed an organ transplant to save her life, she didn’t hesitate to help out, donating her kidney to the national pool so that Brucia …

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Bruce Springsteen Debuts At Number One With “Wrecking Ball”

They say when you’re on top, there’s no where else to go but down. It must be kind of like that for the Boss. I mean Bruce Springsteen’s latest, “Wrecking Ball” debuts on the charts at number one. Same deal in the United Kingdom. The pressure he must feel. But that’s why he’s the Boss I guess. Along with the …

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