Molly Glynn, ‘Chicago Fire’ Actress, Killed By Fallen Tree In Freak Accident

Molly Glynn, ‘Chicago Fire’ Actress, Killed By Fallen Tree In Freak Accident

By Val Powell September 10, 2014

Actress Molly Glynn passed away on Saturday morning, due to injuries she received from being hit by a tree in a biking incident the day before.  Glynn and her husband, actor Joe Foust, were riding their bicycles in the Erickson …

Yahoo Search BOSS Documentation Released to Developers

Last month, Yahoo announced pricing info and search advertising/branding policies for the upcoming version of Yahoo Search BOSS, which is expected to be released this summer. Now, the company has released the technical documentation for developers. 

Yahoo: BOSS in, SearchMonkey Out
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Yahoo and Microsoft announced the beginning of the transition of organic search results today, but since the original announcement of the deal, it has been unclear what would happen to the Yahoo Search BOSS and SearchMonkey tools. That is because Yahoo had yet to make up its mind.

Yahoo’s mind has now been made up. BOSS will carry on, and SearchMonkey won’t.

What Happens to Yahoo’s Search-Related Developer Projects?

With the big Yahoo Microsoft deal announced, there are still a lot of questions out there, despite the significant amount of information the companies have shared thus far. We know that Bing will become the search engine used in Yahoo searches. We also know that Microsoft will acquire an exclusive 10-year license to Yahoo’s core search technologies.

Yahoo Promotes “Web Of Objects” Concept At Search Event

Yahoo sure likes names that can be shouted.  At a search event the company held yesterday, speakers focused on a "Web of objects" concept – also known as WOO – that Yahoo intends to embrace as a way of moving beyond the standard ten blue links. 

Three New Yahoo Search BOSS Tools Introduced

Yahoo Search BOSS just got a little more interesting.  Developers who want to build their own search services should now be able to play with three fresh tools related to personalized Delicious content, language filters, and news stories’ dates.

Yahoo Upgrades BOSS, Asks For Pennies In Return

The idea behind Yahoo BOSS (Build your Own Search Service) is to let developers combine Yahoo’s search index with their own applications.  Now, a few tweaks should improve the process, and Yahoo has also made it more "professional" by moving away from the idea of offering everything for free. 

How Much Demand Is There for Open Search?

Yahoo’s Build your Own Search Service, otherwise known as "BOSS," is described by Yahoo as "a truly open API with as few rules and limitations as possible. It is designed to allow developers to build search solutions that "can compete head-to-head with the principals in the search industry."

Yahoo’s the BOSS of Vertical Lens Technology

Today, Yahoo has announced a new Yahoo Search BOSS capability called vertical lens technology, which enables partners (often with no search expertise) to create a comprehensive vertical search engine that compliments their core user experience.

For example, TechCrunch has launched a technology-flavored search engine as Yahoo cites as its first example. This search engine allows TechCrunch users to search for technology-focused articles and company info across TechCrunch’s network as well as the web, a Yahoo representative tells WebProNews.

Key Terms Integral To Yahoo’s Open Search Initiative
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Yahoo!Yahoo has announced the availability of the "Key Terms" feature for BOSS. For those of you unfamiliar with BOSS, the company describes it as the following:

Developers Start Cranking Out Yahoo BOSS Apps

Yahoo’s opening of the Build your Own Search Service (BOSS) pulled plenty of developers to the challenge of creating projects that tap the resources of Yahoo Search.

Yahoo Search Has A New BOSS

The Yahoo Search web services platform Build your Own Search Service, aka BOSS, opens Yahoo’s index to programmers.