Bruce Springsteen Debuts At Number One With "Wrecking Ball"


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They say when you're on top, there's no where else to go but down. It must be kind of like that for the Boss. I mean Bruce Springsteen's latest, "Wrecking Ball" debuts on the charts at number one. Same deal in the United Kingdom. The pressure he must feel. But that's why he's the Boss I guess. Along with the E Street Band, Springsteen landed perfectly on both continents with his new album. Well, actually it's a DVD. But we all know what I mean when I say album.

The Boss did his homework though which is probably why he always seems to start in first place. Suported by Sony Records, Bruce did a show at the Apollo and spent a week on the Jimmy Fallon Show to help promote his new creative. Great publicity. Springsteen was the only one to be able to move Whitney Houston down on the charts where she had been for the past few weeks since her unfortunate passing.

If you're into the specific numbers, "Wrecking Ball," has sold 201,000 copies in it's first week. Springsteen's last "album" which was "Working On A Dream," debuted with a sale of 224,000 copies. "Magic," sold 335,000 copies and "The Rising," opened by selling 520,000 copies when it was released back in 2002. So while the Boss might be losing some numbers, he's still able to come out and debut at that number one spot. Pretty amazing after all these years.

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