Kidney Donor Fired After Giving Up Organ For Boss

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A New York woman is claiming she was fired after giving up her kidney to help save her boss's life...and she wants it back.

47-year old Debbie Stevens says that when her former employer, Jackie Brucia, needed an organ transplant to save her life, she didn't hesitate to help out, donating her kidney to the national pool so that Brucia would be moved up on the list of recipients. She says she couldn't donate her own kidney to Brucia because the two weren't a perfect match.

But after a painful and costly surgery, Stevens says she was berated by her boss for leaving work early when she felt ill from the aftereffects of the surgery and was eventually demoted to an office 50 miles from her home before being fired from Atlantic Automotive Group altogether. She says she feels used by Brucia, who had a hand in rehiring her in 2010 after Stevens briefly left the company, and that she feels Brucia was just grooming her to be a backup plan.

"She used her power to manipulate me," Stevens claimed.

Stevens says her medical insurance will soon run out and that she may have a hard time finding another insurance company who will cover her since she has donated an organ and plans to file a discrimination lawsuit against Atlantic Automotive.

"Atlantic Auto treated her appropriately and acted honorably and fairly at every turn," Atlantic Auto lawyer Robert Milman said. "We expect to have this resolved favorably in the legal system."

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