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BBC Reporter Gets High From Second Hand Smoke

“Burning behind me is eight and half tons of heroin, opium, hashish and other narcotics… huehuehehe” elegantly guffawed BBC Reporter Quentin Sommerville. Like a dumpy Disney character, the journalist then told the cameraman in a slur to record another take, saying: “Come on… hehehe, let’s go.” It only got worse. The BBC’s Middle East correspondent then tried another take, only …

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Star Wars “A New Hope” Bloopers Reel Goes Viral

The George Lucas masterpiece Star Wars is one of the most epic science fiction sagas of our time. For the film series to be this excellent, a lot of hard work was put in by the film’s actors and actresses; however, we are all human and tend to make mistakes from time to time (especially during rehearsals). Did you not …

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New Star Wars Bloopers Hit the Web

Back at San Diego Comic Con, attendees to the Star Wars panel were treated to a ton on new news and a few special reveals. Now, months on from the con, the newly-found blooper footage shown during the panel has finally hit the web. The footage shows cast members messing up lines, props falling apart, and even a couple of …

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Weather Girl Has Totally Appropriate Reaction to a Giant On-Screen Spider

When I was a kid, I loved nature books. But there was one problem with the larger-than-life photographic representations in the arachnid section – the problem was that they were still creepy, even though they were just photographs. I wouldn’t even touch them on the page. So I feel for weatherwoman Kristi Gordon, who had a giant spider crawling near …

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KAPOOYA! Woman Describing Hailstorm Is Your Next Big Meme

There was a pretty significant hailstorm in Brookshire, Texas on Wednesday morning. And when it hit, it sounded like KAPOOYA KAPOOYA!

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L.A. Noire Gag Reel Shows the Lighter Side of Detective Work

L.A. Noire, Rockstar’s detective work simulation game, might not have set the world on fire, but it did impress critics and fans with its ambition. Instead of animating characters to match the dialogue, Rockstar used a special motion capture technique and real actors to produce more life-like reactions and facial expressions for its characters. Since this “Motionscan” technology records an …

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