BBC Reporter Gets High From Second Hand Smoke

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“Burning behind me is eight and half tons of heroin, opium, hashish and other narcotics… huehuehehe” elegantly guffawed BBC Reporter Quentin Sommerville.

Like a dumpy Disney character, the journalist then told the cameraman in a slur to record another take, saying: “Come on… hehehe, let’s go.”

It only got worse.

The BBC’s Middle East correspondent then tried another take, only managing to squeeze off “Burning behind me” before erupting in giggles, retracting inwards like a roly-poly, squinting his eyes, and lighting up the camera with a bigger smile than the flames of intoxication behind him.

Shushing like he’s done something wrong, Sommerville then says to the cameraman: “Quick, quick, quick, quick, we just need one more” in the third attempt of a retake. Attempting to maintain his composure in all serious news fashion, he realizes he just can’t do it.

Sommerville uploaded the video yesterday, titled “Don't inhale”, on his YouTube page as a “Christmas present” to his 24,000 Twitter followers, according to Daily Mail.

Sommerville who is based in Jerusalem, reports on an array of Middle Eastern affairs, including the Islamic State crisis. As a gift for his viewers, he wanted to shed some light on news unrelated to the despairs of war.

The journalist wrote to his fans: 'Dear tweeps, it's been a year of bullets & bloodshed. You've earned a xmas laugh, at my expense.” Unfortunately, Sommerville had to remove the video shortly after due to copyright related issues.

According to Inquisitr, a BBC spokesman told reporters, “The video of Quentin corpsing, which has now been deleted, was posted in the spirit of a blooper. It was filmed four years ago – it hasn’t been seen before and was never broadcast.” “Corpsing” is a term used in the world of media as collapsing into a fit of laughter.

Merry Christmas Mr. Sommerville.

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