Star Wars "A New Hope" Bloopers Reel Goes Viral


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The George Lucas masterpiece Star Wars is one of the most epic science fiction sagas of our time. For the film series to be this excellent, a lot of hard work was put in by the film's actors and actresses; however, we are all human and tend to make mistakes from time to time (especially during rehearsals). Did you not think that a film of this caliber would have bloopers of your favorite characters fumbling on their iconic phrases? With this in mind, a reel of Star Wars bloopers has gone public.

Earlier this year at the San Diego Comic Con in California, attendees were shown the epic blooper footage. Now, this footage has been released on YouTube for all to see. According to Entertainment Weekly, the various scenes in the reel were discovered and selected by J.W. Rinzler, Lucasfilm's book division Author and Editor. Rinzler discovered the blooper footage while compiling older footage for another project that he was working on.

Rinzler also tweeted the announcement of the rare blooper footage on his Twitter account:

Unfortunately, the first few minutes of the clip do not include sound; however, I'm sure the various Star Wars-obsessed viewers out there can envision the sounds in their heads of what actually would be happening (e.g. Luke's landspeeder breaking down and the idle chatter among the two aliens in the Mos Eisley Cantina scene). I am sure that viewers will also be mouthing out the lines of their favorite Star Wars characters as they stumble over them.

The Star Wars bloopers that have not been seen until now come from "A New Hope." According to Time Magazine, an eBay user spent $699 on a LaserDisc that contains rare demo clips from "Return Of The Jedi," the final installment of the Star Wars sci-fi saga. The user also set up a dedicated Facebook page for mini-clips of the ROTJ footage.

[Image source: YouTube (2:12)]