Hackers Blackmail Domino’s Pizza

Hackers Blackmail Domino’s Pizza

By Toni Matthews-El June 17, 2014

Domino’s Pizza recently found itself threatened with the release of hundreds of thousands of stolen accounts to the internet. According to ITNews, a hacker group known as Rex Mundi had attempted to blackmail the Domino’s Pizza operations in France and …

Google Play Music Hits Five New Countries Google Play Music Hits Five New Countries
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Google announced this morning that Google Play Music is launching in five new European countries: Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg and Portugal. “Music first launched on Google Play in Europe in November 2012, and the fast rollout to more countries today …

Google May Be Paying About $6M To Publishers Google May Be Paying About $6M To Publishers

As previously reported, Google announced this week that it has reached an agreement with publishers in Belgium, ending six years of litigation. Publishers had sued Google claiming they violated copyright by displaying snippets in Google News and linking to cached …

Google And Publishers Are Getting Along...In Belgium Google And Publishers Are Getting Along...In Belgium

Google has reached an agreement with news publishers in Belgium after six years of litigation. Publishers sued Google claiming they violated their copyright by displaying snippets in Google News and linking to cached copies of their pages in Google search. …

Google Hosts EUhackathon 2012 in Belgium Google Hosts EUhackathon 2012 in Belgium

It’s a good day to be a tech-savvy child. The Reading Rainbow iPad app has finally launched, and hackers from all over the world are currently coding day and night to build a better internet for kids. The 2012 EUhackathon …

Social Media Sites Don't Need Anti-Piracy Software Social Media Sites Don't Need Anti-Piracy Software

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Europe’s top court dealt a blow to anti-piracy crusaders and tallied a win for proponents of Internet freedom today by ruling that social networking sites cannot be required to set up an anti-piracy filtering system. The ruling involves a case …

New Googleplex Established In Brussels

Google has branched out (or more accurately, built up) yet again.  Simon Hampton, Director of European Policy and Public Affairs, announced today that the search giant’s established a Googleplex in Brussels, Belgium.

Hampton explained on the European Public Policy Blog, "Until now, our small policy team in Brussels worked from temporary abodes.  From now on, you can find us at Chausse d’Etterbeek 180 1040 Bruxelles, right in the heart of the European quarter."

Google Library Project Gets Japanese Partner

For a while there, Google was gaining partners for its Books Library Project on what seemed like a daily basis.  That rush (appears to have) stopped, but now one more school has signed up: Japan’s Keio University.

Google Fights Back With Copiepresse Appeal

Belgium becomes the focal point for a heated confrontation between Google, and the news management organization that beat it in court.

Google Library Project Befriends Belgium

Ghent University is located in Ghent, which is a city in Flanders, which is a region in Belgium.  You probably recognized at least one or two of those names, but you’re sure to know this next one: Google.  And Google has just partnered with Ghent University.

Google And Belgians Happy Together

Instead of the bitterness of Brussels sprouts-flavored litigation, Google and courtroom foe Copiepresse are sharing Belgian chocolates and working happily together on their linking/copyright issues.

Interview with Web Analyst Michael Notte

Continuing my series of Interview with Analysts, here is my interview with Michael Notte.

What is your current position and the name of the company you work for?

Microsoft Diggs with MSN Reporter

Microsoft has set foot in the social media sector with MSN Reporter which is a Digg style social news site. According to LiveSide, it was created by the Dutch MSN team and has been avialable in beta since October 2006.

Walled Gardens and Newspapers

The Globe and Mail tells us that "Google loses copyright case in Belgium". Apparently a court has now ruled in favour of Belgian newspapers that sued Google Inc., claiming that the Web search Internet search leader infringed copyright laws and demanded it remove their stories. They want only subscribers to be able to see their articles within their walled gardens. Presumably they do not wish searchers to find their contents by using search engines.

Google To Appeal Copiepresse Decision

A Belgian court reaffirmed an earlier judgment against Google this week demanding Google remove Copiepress-represented news publication material from Google.be and Google News. Google issued a statement expressing "disappointment" and a plan to appeal the verdict.

Belgian Newspapers Score Victory Against Google

It’s beginning to look like 2007 could be a very long year for Google in the legal department.

In a court ruling early Tuesday, a judge ruled in favor of Belgian newspapers in their dispute with Google, citing that the Internet company was guilty of copyright infringement.

The Brussels court ruled in favor of Copiepresse, a consortium that represents the eighteen newspapers that brought complaints against Google.

Japan Reconsiders Copyright Law For Search

The Japanese government plans to amend existing copyright laws to make allowances for search engine indexing, according to Japan Today.