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John Legend Responds To Critics Who Say He Shouldn’t Perform In Bahrain Amid Reported Rampant Human Rights Violations

John Legend was under fire recently for agreeing to perform in Bahrain for the country’s Spring of Culture festival in Arad Fort. After all that talk at the Oscars about human rights and African-American rights being trampled on in his own country, many say John Legend shouldn’t perform in a country that is widely known for its human rights violations. …

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Arcapita Bahrain US Bankruptcy Exit a 1st for US

Arcapita, an Islamic investment firm in Bahrain, emerged from US bankruptcy today under Chapter 11 rules. It is the first of the Gulf companies to do so. This move may help clarify how Western courts deal with Islamic finance, marking the first time a question of an Islamic ruling (fatwa) had been presented to a US bankruptcy judge, according to …

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Anonymous Defaces F1 Racing Sites For #OpBahrain

Anonymous is involved in a lot of operations, but many of them don’t get much attention until they do something drastic. It’s unfortunate in a way since it takes a defacement to actually get our attention. Today’s defacement is centered on #OpBahrain, an operation that seeks to remove Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Al Khalifa from power. Today is a pretty …

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