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Stock Market Crash Said To Be Inevitable. So Why Have Baby Boomers Poured Everything Into It?

There is an ongoing debate as to what the current state of the stock market means. For some, what we’re witnessing is a natural aspect of the market, known as a “correction”. The correction part of the cycle is said …

Marketing To Baby Boomers
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Have you noticed how many retro ads you’re seeing lately? Going retro is no accident of course. Marketers are vying to grab a suddenly very important demographic: the Baby Boomer.

More Baby Boomers Embracing Web 2.0
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Online activities primarily popular with younger people are now receiving the attention of baby boomers. Recent surveys of U.S. consumers found that 61 percent of baby boomer Internet users (age 44 to 61) had visited sites that offer streaming and downloadable video while 41 percent had visited social networks.

The Other Boomers Get A Social Network
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If you didn’t know there was a Generation Jones, you’re not alone, and those of this generation are not alone either – a new social network called Boomj.com aims to connect them, ridding them of the more ominous moniker, "the lost generation."