Stock Market Crash Said To Be Inevitable. So Why Have Baby Boomers Poured Everything Into It?

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There is an ongoing debate as to what the current state of the stock market means.

For some, what we're witnessing is a natural aspect of the market, known as a "correction".

The correction part of the cycle is said to occur years after the market enjoys a bullish period. When the stocks have peaked, they may drop down more than ten percent.

Investors want people to know that this is all to be expected with a healthy market.

It's also been pointed out that despite the stock market's current downward trend, its lost roughly seven and a half percent. For all the panic, it hasn't hit "correction" levels.

Well, suppose the stock market does hit those levels and continue to drop. Plummet even.

Another group of market watchers would not be surprised.

After all, the stock market crash can occur at any time. Forget the uncomfortable and traumatic nature of the recent recession; we're talking full-blown Great Depression.

Speaking of which, this weekend apparently marks the anniversary of that grim turning point in American history.

Returning to the present, it's important to address the fact that the stock market crash isn't just likely to occur within our lifetimes, but there is research to suggest it is inevitable.

A joint New York University/Boston University study revealed that there will be as many two single day sessions with losses greater than 20 percent in our lifetimes.

With such a heavy loss due to happen, how has it happened that an entire generation has set itself up for total devastation?

According to reports, baby boomers outpace all other age groups as to how much of their savings are tied up in the volatile stock markets.

Of all stock investors who are age 60 to 65, 30 percent have put everything into the stock market. Fifty-two percent of this age group are said to have the majority of their wealth tied up in markets.

Overall, it seems that if things go bad, it's this group of Americans that will be hit hardest. And as it is a group prepping for retirement, that will be beyond devastating.

What can these persons do to shield themselves?

Professor Xavier Gabaix, who was behind the ground-breaking study previously mentioned, strongly suggests that individuals carefully construct their stock portfolios so that a big hit will not be a fatal blow to their life savings.

Are you prepared to survive a stock market crash?

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