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Yahoo7 Acquires Major Travel Site
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The company that represents a 50-50 partnership between Yahoo and the Seven Network Limited, which is one of Australia’s largest media groups, is on the move.  Yahoo7 acquired Totaltravel.com for perhaps about $17 million.

Twitter Performing Well In Australia
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Twitter fans should be pleased to hear that it’s almost definitely taking over the world.  U.S. stats have long indicated a strong growth pattern, data from the U.K. has done the same, and now, Hitwise has presented a report on Twitter’s increasing influence on Australia.

Australian Twitterers Can Now Easily Find Locals
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Twitterers in Australia will be happy to know that TwellowHood, the Twellow feature that allows Twitterers to connect with people in their own area, is now available in Australia. Previously, it has been available in the US and Canada, and will continued to be expanded to other parts of the world.

Facebook Most Popular Social Site In Australia
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More than 70 percent of Internet users in Australia visited a social networking site in June, up 29 percent from the previous year, according to a new study from comScore.

"Social networking continues to grow in popularity both across Australia and throughout the world," said Will Hodgman, comScore executive vice president for the Asia-Pacific region.

iGoogle Introduces Social Gadgets
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It looks like the term "iGoogle" is about to grow a little less apt.  Starting this week, social gadgets will debut for iGoogle, allowing and encouraging some users to connect and interact with each other.

Initially, people in Australia are the only ones who will gain access to the new gadgets.  There are twelve of them (more should come out later), and they provide gateways to things including News.com.au, YouTube, GoComics, and chess.

Google Strikes Record-Breaking NZ/AUS Deal

For at least the next three years, Google will play a significant role in the delivery of New Zealanders’ mail.  The Postal Services Group of New Zealand Post has entered an agreement that’ll have it putting Google Apps in front of 2,100 employees.

This counts as Google’s largest commercial deal yet in New Zealand or Australia.  It’s supposed to save New Zealand Post (which is a state-owned enterprise) in the neighborhood of $2 million over the course of three years.

Google Adds Real Estate to Australian Maps
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Over a year ago, Google started incorporating real estate search into Google Maps in the US. Now Australia gets the feature.

A Marketing Agency Poses As A Police Department

It was only a matter of time before something like this would happen. Social media in the hands of most people is harmless. A marketing agency in New South Wales, Australia is about to enter the pantheon of social media for an ‘experiment’ it conducted. Of course, most who reach this status are put there for their contribution to moving the medium forward.

Facebook Opens Australian Office

Sydney, Australia is now home to a Facebook office, according to fresh reports.  The social networking company hasn’t said too much, but seems to be both hiring new employees and seeking out advertising partners in the region. 

Google Looking for Revenue Stimulus in Australia?
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Google Australia is giving away a free AdWords campaign worth $75 to small and medium-sized businesses that don’t already use AdWords. This would seem like a good way to get new users on board.

Google May Put Aussie Data Center Plans On Hold

A little more than five months ago, we documented a rumor that Google would build a data center in Australia.  Now, although everything’s still up in the air, a new report indicates the search giant isn’t exactly tripping over itself to start construction or buy an existing facility. 

Australia’s Internet Blacklist Revealed
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Recently, a bit of a stink was made over Australia’s secret website black list and threatened $11,000 fines for those linking to sites on the secret list. That list is secret no longer, and reveals some disturbing information.

Australia Giving Heavy Fines For Certain Outbound Links

It’s been a little over 2 years since Australia announced it would move forward with plans to start censoring the internet.

Google Australia Observes Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day isn’t something you’re likely to find marked on a bookstore calendar, and even Wikipedia, which notes that February 10th is when Saint Paul’s shipwreck is commemorated, doesn’t recognize it.  The occasion’s important enough within our little online community, though, and Google Australia chose to recognize it. 

Google Offers Real-Time Map Of Australian Fires
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Wildfires in Australia caused over 130 deaths and a great deal of damage this weekend.  Some fires are still burning, too, and Google’s played an important role in letting people keep track of the different hotspots.

Online Advertising in Australia Grows 27% in 2008
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Online Advertising in Australia hasn’t been doing too bad. In fact, according the Online Advertising Expenditure Report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), online advertising dollars in Australia have risen 27% to $1.7 billion over 2008.

Australia’s Sensis Gives In To Google

Randy Newman once sang about building an all-American amusement park in Australia.  Now, Google seems to be bringing this idea a touch closer to reality as there’s word that a major Australian brand will wave a white flag in the search and mapping markets.

More Men Find Happiness Online
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Men find they are happiest when they are surfing the Web and women are happiest spending time with their families, according to a new Australian study on what makes people happy.

The "Happiness Index" study, polled more than 8,500 Australians between the ages of 18-64 and found that rest and relaxation were the most pleasing activities, while physical exercise was the least likely to make people happy.

Yahoo’s Australian Arm Gets Leg Up In Mobile Market

Fair warning: American readers aren’t likely to know a lot of names here.  But Yahoo7 (the product of an Australian partnership between Yahoo and the Seven Network) and Telstra (an Australian telecommunications company) have been bound together by an important new mobile search agreement.

Bogus Sick Note Site Causes Stir In Australia
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A Web site that sells fake sick notes could pose a risk to people’s health and encourage fraud according to Australian Medical Association President Dr. Rosanna Capolingua.

The notes are available from doctorsnotestore.com and cost about $38 each. They contain a local Australian doctors name and practice.

Aussie eBay Users Victimized By Big Seller
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A large eBay seller that had been the subject of numerous buyer complaints in Australia pocketed thousands of dollars in unfulfilled orders before its owner skipped the country.