Facebook Losing Popularity in Australia

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Australians are apparently tiring of Facebook, even though the page garners every 1 in 6 pageviews on the continent, according to Experian Hitwise Australia. While Facebook remains by far the most popular social networking site in the country, the time users spent at the site is down by roughly 21% in the last year.

The data was taken over a 1 year period, ending in January, with 3 million internet users searching 1 million websites being surveyed. While Facebook and Youtube still dominate in Australia, at a little over 50% and 23% respectively, usership for both is down. Interestingly, Twitter is less popular than Yahoo! Answers, and Tumblr, the 4th largest social networking site, held user attention the longest, at 30 minutes.

Google for search purposes held the attention of users for just under 17 minutes, while Google+ made steady gains in time spent on the site, up by about 2 minutes. The Google+ audience remained fairly steady as well, with slight gains. But even against Facebook's losses, not much ground was gained in social network dominance. Though, Matt Glasner, General Manager of Experian’s Data Integrity Division in Australia, offered caution in regards to attempting to compare the two - "While it's clear that Facebook is the dominant player when it comes to total website visits in Australia, comparing Facebook's performance with Google is difficult, because the two sites are so different. One is social, the other is pure search. The real question is what this means for search and social, which is where sites like Google+ become even more intriguing."

Glasner goes on to say he doesn't think that Google+ will become a Facebook killer anytime soon, though the sky appears to be the limit, on a continent where Yahoo! Answers is more popular than Twitter.

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