Microsoft Open Sources, Expands .NET To Linux, Mac

Microsoft Open Sources, Expands .NET To Linux, Mac

By Chris Crum November 12, 2014

Microsoft announced that it is open sourcing the full server-side .NET stack, and expanding .NET to run on Linux and Mac OS. The company also released Visual Studio Community 2013, which is a free edition of Visual Studio that provides …

ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 Now Available ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 Now Available

The world of Web development is changing rapidly. To keep up, Microsoft has been making incremental changes to ASP.NET. The latest update to the framework brings changes and additions to every member of the ASP.NET family. Micrososft recently released ASP.NET …

ASP.NET Developers Will Want To Check Out SignalR ASP.NET Developers Will Want To Check Out SignalR
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In November, Microsoft announced a number of features coming to its ASP.NET Web application framework over the next few months. One of the more prominent announcements was SignalR, a feature that adds “real-time functionality to Web applications using WebSockets and …

Microsoft Unveils Roadmap For ASP.NET Microsoft Unveils Roadmap For ASP.NET

With the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft has been updating all of its development tools to help developers get the most out of the new OS. The company has shipped a number of products including Visual Studio 2012 and .NET …

OrcsWeb Now Offers Complete ASP.NET 4.5 Support OrcsWeb Now Offers Complete ASP.NET 4.5 Support

OrcsWeb is one of the leading providers of Microsoft Windows-based cloud and dedicated server hosting solutions. To remain at the top, the company must remain up-to-date on all the latest technologies. Their quick adoption of the latest version of ASP.NET …

ASP.NET Going Open Source Thanks To Microsoft ASP.NET Going Open Source Thanks To Microsoft

Microsoft is becoming increasingly more and more one of the good guys within the tech community. Their latest move is definitely going to make a lot of developers happy. Scott Hanselman, a Microsoft employee, announced Tuesday that Microsoft is making …

When To Assembly

Over the years, I’ve used a lot of third-party components and self built control libraries. It an easy way to add functionality to your code projects – just reference the dll file and that’s it. This encapsulated functionality comes in most cases at a high cost. Imaging that you have an assembly of your homemade ASP.NET controls that you wish to use in your new website. In there you have a custom version of the GridView control that does something smart. On your new website this is exactly what you need, but you need it to behave a little different in a certain situation.

ASP.NET: Working with Query Strings

In many cases we write our ASP.NET logic around query strings in order to show the right product page or what not.

ASP.NET: Access Client Info Server-side
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I was playing around with HTTP request headers and for some reason started thinking about how limited information they provide about the requesting browser.

ASP.NET: Make GridView Control Accessible
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The GridView is a new web control in ASP.NET 2.0 and is an improvement of the old DataGrid.

ASP.NET: HttpModule for Query String Encryption
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URL parameters or query strings are often used to carry information that can be used by hackers to do identity theft or other unpleasant things.

Postbacks with Parameters in JavaScript
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Whenever you use a Button or LinkButton it is because you want to be able to do a postback when it is clicked.

ASP.NET: Keep the Content-type in Sync

Most websites include a meta-tag that tells the browser what content-type the document is. It looks like this:

ASP.NET: Easily Block DoS Attacks

Denial of Service (DoS) attacks are becoming a more and more common way to bring websites and servers down.

ASP.NET: Choose a Standard Number Format

Today, I ran into an issue regarding the way numbers are parsed in different cultures, which resulted in very wrong numbers.

ASP.NET – Block IP Addresses from Your Site
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Recently, one of my readers asked me how to block certain IP addresses from accessing his ASP.NET website.

ASP.NET – Toggle Non-server Control Visibility

Since ASP.NET 1.0 you had the ability to toggle the visibility of any HTML tag with the runat=”server” attribute.