Microsoft Showcases 'Cool ASP.NET Web Forms Features'

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Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that it was beginning a series of blog posts on its Microsoft Web Development blog to showcase "some of the really cool and mature features" available in ASP.NET Web Forms so developers can use them in their own projects.

When Jeffrey T. Fritz announced the blog series on June 11, he said that post was the first in a twice weekly series on the subject, though it doesn't look like they've posted the second yet. By my count, they should be up at least five by now, but the first one is actually the most recent post on the .NET Web Development and Tools blog.

Anyhow, Web Forms is the development model that was deployed first with ASP.NET all the way back in 2001. As Fritz notes, it has been improved in every release since then.

In the initial post, he looks at the model binding feature to show how it has been improved to provide asynchronous operations in the new ASP.NET 4.6 framework in Visual Studio 2015.

"Many long-time ASP.NET developers are familiar with the various ways that you can deliver data to user interface components in web forms.," he writes. "We call that databinding to a control, and there are two primary techniques you can use:Declarative data-binding with data controls; [and] Code-behind, or 'manual' data-binding on the server."

"Declarative data-binding is where all of our database code is placed into a SqlDataSource object on the ASPX page and a grid or some other user interface control references the id of the SqlDataSource to know how to work with a data resource."

From there, he gets into the first code sample and on into the meat and potatoes. If this is something that interests you, take a look at the post, and hopefully the subsequent posts are on the way.

According to Fritz, throughout the series, he'll look at building a sample app to track travel information, and each one will link to source code so you can work with it as you go.

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