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Facebook Pages Being Taken Down, Policy Comes Into Question

Numerous reports have been coming out that Facebook is taking down Facebook pages that are accused of infringing upon copyrights. The keyword there is “accused”. Apparently, Facebook does little (or nothing) to verify the legitimacy of the claims before taking action. Should Facebook be doing more? Tell us what you think. Several well-known tech blogs, including Ars Technica, Redmond Pie, …

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Righthaven Files Suit Against Ars Technica Writer, Quickly Dismisses It

Eriq Gardner, a journalist who contributed this article to Ars Technica 3 months ago was being sued by the controversial Righthaven, but then Righthaven apparently decided to dismiss it. What would have made this case stand out from the plethora of other Righthaven-initiated lawsuits? Well, it would’ve been over an article that was actually about Righthaven suing others. The article, …

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