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Facebook Graph Search, Your Privacy, and What You Can Do

Facebook just launched something new. That’s all you have to say, really. That in and of itself is enough to get people riled up about their privacy, or how Facebook is screwing with it. Of course, simply being a member of Facebook means that you give up some level of privacy – but some people expect Facebook to do everything …

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Facebook Rolls Out New Privacy Settings Globally

It’s official. You should be seeing Facebook’s new privacy controls popping up any time now. The company has just announced that they should be rolling out to users are the world, including the U.S. “Last week we told you about some new privacy tools to help manage who can see what you share on Facebook. These tools have started rolling …

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Facebook Starts Rolling Out New Privacy Settings in New Zealand

New Zealand, that fertile testing ground for experimental and upcoming Facebook features, has just begun to receive the company’s recently announced privacy settings additions. Facebook announced the changes a couple of weeks ago, saying that they would make it easier for users to both understand and access their various privacy settings. According to The Next Web, users in New Zealand …

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Facebook Privacy Changes: Here’s the Rundown

Facebook is announcing a handful of privacy-related changes today; a couple that make it simpler for users to access and change their personal settings and another that may make a small percentage of the user base upset (what’s new, right?). First up, Facebook is adding a privacy shortcut tab that follows users around as they explore the site. The new …

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Facebook Now Lets You Delete Your Search History

Since the dawn of search engines, internet users have utilized the ability to delete their search history. It’s a simple, quick, and painless way to prevent prying eyes from getting up in your business, for lack of a better phrase. Now, Facebook is giving their users the ability to monitor their search activity and yes, delete it if that’s what …

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