Facebook Starts Rolling Out New Privacy Settings in New Zealand

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New Zealand, that fertile testing ground for experimental and upcoming Facebook features, has just begun to receive the company's recently announced privacy settings additions. Facebook announced the changes a couple of weeks ago, saying that they would make it easier for users to both understand and access their various privacy settings.

According to The Next Web, users in New Zealand are being greeted with a box that shows a sample question from the new "privacy shortcuts" tab. That questions reads "how do I stop someone from bothering me" and then gives the user some info on blocked users, along with the ability to block the user right from that tab.

That's the gist of the new privacy shortcut tab. Facebook wants users to be able to learn about, access, and change their privacy settings from anywhere on the site - without having to leave the Timeline and news feed. The new privacy shortcut tab follows users around the site and will appear on the top right of the header, niest to your name, profile picture, and the "home" button.

Facebook is also making improvements to the Activity Log.

"The updated Activity Log has new navigation, so you can easily review your own activity on Facebook, such as your likes and comments, photos of you, and posts you’ve been tagged in. It also has new ways to sort information, for example: Now you can quickly see public photos you’re tagged in and have hidden from your timeline, but which still appear in other places on Facebook," said the company when they announced the new privacy controls.

For a full rundown on all the changes, check here.

Facebook said at the time that the new controls should roll out to all users by year's end. The fact that they are showing up in for New Zealanders means that they're most likely just around the corner for us here in the U.S. and for others around the world.

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