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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Closes Out 2012 With 5 Million Sales

In November, Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition had sold about 4.4 million units. It was unknown if it would cross the 5 million threshold before the end of the year, but a presumably successful holiday season has helped push Minecraft into a league all its own as far as Xbox Live Arcade titles are concerned. 4J Studios announced that Minecraft Xbox …

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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Gets Plenty Of New Features In Title Update 7

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition is making bank for Microsoft, Mojang and everybody else involved. The game just recently surpassed 4.4 million copies sold with the game selling anywhere between 40,000 to 60,000 copies a week. That kind of support puts a lot of pressure on 4J Studios to deliver constant quality updates, and they’re not disappointing. PlayXBLA announced today that …

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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Gets Another Massive Update

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition has proven to be a hit beyond anybody’s expectations. The success is great, but it means that 4J Studios has to work extra hard to get out new updates to players wanting more out of their Minecraft experience. The developer pushed a major update last month, but they’re already about to push another major update in …

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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Gets Creative Mode And More In Next Update

Minecraft continues to be the best selling XBLA game ever released on the service. It’s kind of amazing since the original PC version is leaps and bounds ahead of the current console version in terms of features and content. That won’t be the case for long as 4J Studios has a massive update planned for the near future. The first …

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Minecraft May Speed Up Xbox 360 Title Updates

There is a wait time between a patch’s completion and it hitting consumers at large. Minecraft on the Xbox 360 may change that. Microsoft may be speeding up the time it takes patches to hit games on the Xbox 360 if Paddy Burns of 4J Studios is to be believed. Speaking to EDGE Magazine, he said that the initial Xbox …

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