Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Closes Out 2012 With 5 Million Sales

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In November, Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition had sold about 4.4 million units. It was unknown if it would cross the 5 million threshold before the end of the year, but a presumably successful holiday season has helped push Minecraft into a league all its own as far as Xbox Live Arcade titles are concerned.

4J Studios announced that Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition surpassed 5 million sales on New Year's Eve. It was already the most successful XBLA game on the Xbox 360, but crossing 5 million sales is a major accomplishment regardless. In fact, there are some retail titles that would kill to have even half those numbers. It just shows that Minecraft is still tremendously popular on whatever system it's on.

So, what is 4J Studios up to now? The developer is working on the bugs reported in Title Update 7, and will be addressing them in a patch to be released this month. One such fix is that 4J will ensure that every new world will include a Nether Fortress, Blazes and Nether Wart.

Beyond that, the future of Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition looks bright. 4J Studios will continue to provide updates that will add more features from the PC version. After they catch up, it's anybody's guess as to what happens next. It would be interesting to see 4J Studios flex its creative muscle and add some original features unique to the console version of the game.

Along the same line, it would be awesome to see 4J Studios add new features that then make their way to the PC version of the game. It would only be natural to see the two teams work together to improve the Minecraft experience for everyone - regardless of platform.

[h/t: Joystiq]

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