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Hillary Clinton Wins Early Battle … of 404 Pages

With Marco Rubio’s Monday announcement that he’s running for President, that makes four official candidates so far. We’re at a pretty early stage in the campaign, so we’re going to ignore all the polls. What we’re going to look at is which candidate has the best 404 page. 1. Hillary Clinton Clinton just joined Facebook, and did so in a …

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Have You Seen IMDb’s 404 Error Pages?

Blast! You’ve requested a URL that doesn’t exist! On many sites, the only thing you’re likely to get from that is a giant 404 message and a frustration headache. But you’ve gotta love it when a website takes the time to makes their 404 error page enjoyable. Everything about the IMDb is wonderful. The features, the trivia, the ability to …

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The Rolling Stones Get Cheeky With Their 404 Error Page

Clever 404 error pages are a dime a dozen on the interwebs – and for good reason. If you’re going to disappoint someone searching for a particular page on your site, you might as well entertain them in the process. But in a world overpopulated with clever (and not-so-clever) error pages, this might be my favorite. If you come across …

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