Hillary Clinton Wins Early Battle ... of 404 Pages

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With Marco Rubio's Monday announcement that he's running for President, that makes four official candidates so far. We're at a pretty early stage in the campaign, so we're going to ignore all the polls. What we're going to look at is which candidate has the best 404 page.

1. Hillary Clinton

Clinton just joined Facebook, and did so in a rather impressive way. Whoever runs Clinton's social media spent a lot of time crafting the backstory of Clinton, through Facebook life events complete with descriptions and period-appropriate photos. It showed a candidate – or more realistically a press team – who understands the value of social media in political races these days.

Well, that attention to detail carried over to her official website, where her 404 page is a thing of beauty. Here's what you'll see when a page cannot be found on hillaryclinton.com:

Bill in a duck hat? Stupid pun? Links to volunteer, like on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and subscribe on YouTube?

Now that's a good error page.

2. Marco Rubio

Rubio's team also took came care into designing his 404 page, which features a football joke and a video of "Coach Marco" talking about life lessons he learned through the game.

3. Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz, who's had his fair share of issues with websites, doesn't have a 404 landing page – everything just redirects to the home page. Which is still better than ...

4. Rand Paul

... Rand Paul's error page, which should make you cry.

Look upon it and weep. Weep openly.

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